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Probably the best thing happened since i play


Really, i play this game since 4 months and i had a lot of fun, but this is the most hilarious things ever happened.
I know it’s gamebreaking and will be fixed from monday, but taking down a casual PVP team with 9k points and 200% stats with only 1 card gave me a lot of laugh today.


You can do that with her, but by the time it takes you to get her that high, you should of won several matches. So its not really helping.

This game is not only win and repeat, you can have your fun doing silly things


I get what yours saying, but when you said gamebreaking and will be fixed monday, i was thinking you thought it was really over powered and not just having fun.

Nice we haven’t all lost sight of this. The urge to min-max really gets in the way sometimes…

It is OP…

Just a little :smiley: