Probably not a bug so I'll ask the community :)

Today in GW I played against the same person 5 times. But the last fight was against a different team. How is this possible?
Some of my Guild members have said the same thing happened to them today but, against different people than I played against.

How many of the matches did you win? Also how members are in the defending guild?

I won all of them. There are 2 in the defending guild. My guild members didn’t all win all of theirs but this is irrelevant.

My matches:
Match 1 vs Babykills: Hero - Can’t remember what weapon, Priestess , Moloch, Paladin
Match 2 vs Babykills: Hero - Can’t remember what weapon, Priestess , Moloch, Paladin
Match 3 vs Babykills: Hero - Can’t remember what weapon, Priestess , Moloch, Paladin
Match 4 vs Babykills: Hero - Can’t remember what weapon, Priestess , Moloch, Paladin
Match 5 vs Babykills: Hero - Red Weapon [Can’t Remember which], Banshee, Rakshanin, Chimera

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That makes sense then, one of them is possibly Paragon as they only can have one. And all others before that fell down to their 2nd member which has the lowest Rank.

Please explain this so I can understand. I’m not stipid but, obviously missing something. How can one person have 2 teams in GW?

Is it the same person you was up in your Paragon battle too? Then possibly he changed his defending team for Guild Wars.

I am Paragon in my guild. I only have one team (as far as i know). As you can see from what I put above I played against Babykills 5 times but the 5th fight was against a different team - How is that possible?
btw Babykills is the person (not the Guild)

He might have changed his defense team in the Guild Wars. It is changeable during the whole week.
Why you was only up against Babykills whole week might be because their 2nd member joined after the Guild Wars started for this week, means he cannot enter before the upcomming Guild Wars.

Yep, I get that. Anyone can change their defending team but, How can you possibly set 2 different defending teams for the same day?

Not whole week (Just today)

The defense team for Guild Wars does not lock, it is changeable during the whole week. Your 4 first matches against Babykills he had the same defense team set, seems like he changed it right before your 5th battle. Did you do the Paragon battle right after the 4th battle, or did you wait some hours? Seems a little strange that he changed his Defense team for GW at the same moment you was fighting him, I agree.

If it is a bug my best guess is that it might be that his normal Defense team was set for your Paragon fight.

Yes, I did them all straight, 5 in a row, one after the other. No break.
Interestingly, some of my guild members had exactly the same thing happen to them. The 5th fight was against a different team but it sounds like they were playing against Toni (who must be the other person in the enemy’s guild)

It should not be possible to have two Guild Wars defense teams set at the same time for a day. So it seems like you encountered a strange bug today, if he did not change his GW defense team right before your Paragon battle, which seems almost impossible.

So, I take it the 5th fight is always against their Paragon?

Paragon only means that you are up against the one who had the best score previous week in the GW. 5th battle is always against the Paragon. However since they only have two members it seems like its a lot 50/50 of who you gonna met for each the 4 first GW battles. If its their first GW week, the game machine select one of the two members to be the Paragon, as there only is one spot for a Paragon. On the other ranks it might be more or less 50/50 of who you gonna be up against out of those two. Thats my 5 cent.

I know if a Guild only have one member you will be up against the same member in all the 5 battles.

He might have a single troop defense team selected and it is randomly choosing some other team for the defense.

It happened to me too. Once when I battled my third battle for the third time.
Once a few days ago. I lost my second battle to a team well over 9000, retried and there was a team at 7200, more or less.