Prismatic Orb, the true winner of 1.07

30 defense Rock Worms anyone? Unfortunately, the enemy team was bugged with high stats.

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What this topic shows is a severe flaw in the new bonus system.

Prismatic Orb is basically the only options for your hero, cause your Hero doesn’t belong to a Kingdom nor does he have a troop type.

So you want 3 of the same troop + prismatic orb (4x same mana colour) just to fill the other troop and his copies.

Any other weapon basically means you are gimping your team cause you get less Kingdom/Troop/Colour bonuses.


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Well… it looks good on paper, but in practice it’s actually not that threatening.
When I run into combos like this in PVP… I just focus on taking out the Prismatic Orb first.

The game becomes a joke afterward, since the other team will be reduced to single color.


Agree with @ctu1208 on this one - clever idea but not really that effective… there’s plenty of better builds that are still viable and far more fun to play with.

@Doghouse plenty of hero weapons are still viable - Prismatic Orb doesn’t spawn enough gems to be truly reliable or a threat (and the ‘fix’ to gem spammers like Webspinner will have reduced its effectiveness further).

@utfanx2 those 30 defence Rock Worms look interesting - but they’re still just Rock Worms - and don’t spam enough gems to make a really effective combo. Also what do you mean the enemy team is bugged? It’s just a player with lots of level 10 kingdoms…

Hm, I wonder why that doesn’t show the stats in green then?

Hero should be all kingdoms and/or all troop types so there is at least a reason to include them :stuck_out_tongue: