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Princess Fizzbang additional troop

How come when I finished her region, she was not added to troop inventory and I have never seen her drop in all my purchases with keys. What type of troop is she (common, uncommon, rare, … etc)??? Why after 2 years of play she has never ever dropped for me and I see others with her @ very high levels??? Please let me know.

Princess Fizzbang is an Epic troop but isn’t the quest Epic for her kingdom, Zaejin; that would be Brian the Lucky. Only one Epic per kingdom is given out for “free” after the story is complete. Fizzbang can be found in glory, gem, guild, and VIP chests, as well as event chests when her kingdom is the event kingdom of the week. Because she is Epic, the drop rate for her will be lower than that for Common, Rare, and Ultra-Rare cards in glory and gem chests. Good luck in your hunt!

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What the Oracle @Lyya forgot to mention is… :grinning:
Princess Fizzbang can also be craft able in the soul forge. Just keep checking purple or blue summoning stones by hitting the question mark to see if you have a chance to summon her. Every week the soulforge changes.

(Unfortunately Fizzbang is not craft able this week. I checked for you.)

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Nerf fizzbang

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Nerf useless comments on the forums. :grinning: