[PREVIEW] 5.0.0 Update Breakdown and Discussion

Is there any additional insight regarding the purpose of the exclusive Heart of Rage troop that Elite Pass owners get?

Legendary troop, spell looks useless, traits look useless, doesn’t benefit kingdom power. Any chance this might be required for some crafting recipe, like the next Zuul?

I find it almost amusing how bracket 1 players whine about the artifacts stat points in GW. As a player who has started this year I am “out-bonussed” from kingdoms by a much greater difference almost every time in bracket 13. It was fairly easy to get kingdoms lvl 10 and 5 stars, but after that I have no other option than to play for months or even years to overcome this disadvantage. And yet they whine about a mini stat bonus for 4 weeks. Just LOL.


It’s a team based event that is played very competitively in top brackets. Just think of it as a Super Bowl where those teams that pay extra are allowed to use doping. While it might not make much of a difference it makes a significant enough difference to influence the outcome, which sort of kills the idea of a fair skill-based competition.


So if you want a Super bowl analogy: You whine that you can’t compete in Super Bowl because you’re wearing slippers and the other team has bought proper football shoes?

No, they “whine” because the organizer has added a fee for wearing any shoes, if you don’t pay up you have to attend bare footed, no matter which shoes you already own.


This is just plain wrong. You can use all your existing stats, all your existing mythics. You can earn everything new with time and effort. This is fair and has not changed. Yep, people paying money will get it first. Just like in the past ?five? years. You are just complaining that you can’t getting everything immediatly for free. Gosh, what a cruel world!


I mean, yeah. A football player wearing slippers would be nowhere near as competent as a player wearing proper shoes, so the hypothetical other team would gain an advantage from purchasing the gear.

The game needs a major change to bring fresh air. I dont know what it could be…maybe something like battles with 5 troops against 5.

When I read about the 5.0, it looks more like the last squeeze of the lemon.


This has been the principle the game was built on so far. No matter whether you spent money, time or a mix of both, you could earn everything.

This part is incorrect. People paying $125 a year won’t get the extra stats first, they get the extra stats exclusively. No matter how much effort the people not paying $125 spend, they won’t ever get this specific stat advantage. Which, by the way, exactly matches the definition of Pay-to-win.


I’m curious when the update will only be released on July 14th or earlier. It would be nice to know something specific because everyone is excited.

We (particularly I) specifically asked about this in the Beta, and were told they couldn’t guarantee this. :confused:

I’m hoping it will be the case, but remains to be seen.


I agree that Guild Wars has a special place in the game, but I wouldn’t say it would make many people quit if it only engages players the top 30 guilds at best.

“You don’t have to do it” is technically true but almost all of the top B4-B15 guilds still shove you to play even if they don’t care about competing. Maybe we can argue that’s the GM’s responsibility though.

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They will have that stat advantage for a max of 5 out of 10 campain weeks:

week free pass(max points) elite+ pass(max points) diff with stats*
1 100 120 0
2 200 240 0
3 300 360 0
4 400 480 0
5 500 600 +5 life
6 600 720 +2 magic
7 700 840 +2 magic
8 800 960 +3 Attack
9 900 1080 +5 life
10 1000 1200 0

Campain weeks 5 to 9, will be those where elite+ might have adventage, so basicaly 1, maybe 2 GW weeks.
But these players wont have that advantage permamently, they will have to pay to sustain it.
Also this stat advantage wont be HUGE*-> 5 life, 3 attack or 2 magic…

'* based on the stats given in this thread


xpost here on the chance it gets buried in the other thread


Meaning there is at least one GW week where paying money gives you an exclusive advantage over players not paying money. In a game mode with the only purpose of teams competitively fighting against each other. Pay to win.

Meaning it’s not even a one time payment, it’s targeting players willing to regularly drop money for an advantage over those that don’t pay. Pay to win.


Those stats are incorrect.
If I remember right it’s 20 life - 5 armor - 6 attack - 6 magic.

Every campaign will have different artifact stats evidently.

It’s the extra stats you temporarily get when paying $25 for the Elite+ Pass. Over those that only own the Free Pass or Elite Pass.

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Then there’s no incentive to do more than $10. :man_shrugging:
The advantage seems to be less than what people get from maxing out sentinels. Which even in bracket 1. Not everyone does. So maybe Saltys right. The difference is super marginal all in all.
Since E+P can only ever be a compound of 20 stars over free pass each week.


I’ll be honest… originally I was on the understanding that the stat bonuses would be exclusive to the players who buy passes.
But thanks to @Sytro
I can’t believe there’s this much discussion over such a low amount of stats.
There’s probably players in my guild last GW who have 10-20 less life than me due to my kingdoms being max starred and there’s aren’t.
Or I have a higher renown.
Or I have more level 15 kingdoms.

Ridiculous folks. Honestly ridiculous.


Many players think that if they lose a Guild Wars match that it will be due to their opponent buying elite pass plus.
Now imagine the player that buys elite pass plus and think they can’t lose, and then they lose.

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