[PREVIEW] 5.0.0 Update Breakdown and Discussion

The whole thing, the update and new campaign, the conversations and debates…


To be honest, I agree. I really appreciate the last several updates having SUCH bad rewards for the $$, it makes the decision to spend money or not; or watch ads or not, a very easy one! I was especially afraid that they would lock something good behind the VIP-6 daily reward, but they’re all pretty much crap too, so win-win!


Maybe I am the minority or just apart of the silent majority, but I will not be spending money for passes. I hate them in MW and other games trying to capitalize on little kids with no concept of cash. I did enjoy that Fortnight was for visuals only and didn’t affect the game play.

However, I know a ton of people will jump on this and rationalize it as only x dollars a day. I just choose to put my money elsewhere. Rewards are really bad from the screenshots as well. You are just paying $10 for the troop essentially.


World events aren’t really “new content”, just class events with a different UI to start the battle.


I saw the summary for the F2P rewards but is there a summary for the P2W and then the P2W +F2P?

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I get people don’t like paying for a pass. I, myself have not decided whether it’s something I truly want.

All you guys complaining about whether or not 505 makes money is missing the point. The way I see it, it’s 505’s job as a company to make money where they can regardless if they need it or not. I don’t blame them for that as I own a small company myself.

The creators and the company decided to go in this direction. Whether it’s a good or bad decision it’s what they decided. The way I see it if you are a f2p player you were never going to spend money anyway so they have nothing to lose by selling this pass. This pass is more of an option for guys like me that have bought something in the past. If I want to add life to the game I have that option. If not, I simply won’t participate in that aspect of the game.

There’s going to be a day when GoW goes in a direction which I don’t like. When that day comes I have no problem dropping this game. Maybe that day has come for some of you guys but I think people should at least wait and see how it goes. As for people who are gung-ho f2p there ain’t no law against switching sides and spending money on a f2p game if that’s what you choose.


There seems to be a weird “pride” attached to it though. Like “look at all I did while not spending any money on the game.” In any other sector of life Society would label that as free loading… basically being on the welfare version of video games. But they are supported by others who play for absolutely free.
Some even feel the sense of power to make fun of those who spend money on the game.
Never once thinking that they can play for free because others pay money for what they get for free.

So now we get to see folks that have paid and those that have not paid. Try to throw shade at a company for trying to make those who pay for free… spend some money. How Franking dare a company who has a small business size staff try to make money in a super competitive space.
The more I try to understand the “everything should be free plight” the more I start to oppose that line of thinking.
If someone is able to enjoy gems of war for free. I’m happy for them. Just as happy as I was for my friends when they got songs for free from Napster. And when Metallica got mad and shut down Napster basically. I wasn’t mad at Metallica…I was mad at the folks who were mad at Metallica.

When an individual gets something for free they should cherish and appreciate it. They should never feel entitled to it just because it was free once doesn’t guarantee that it has to stay free forever.
Gems of War was, is, and will be an amazing game that someone can enjoy for years without ever spending money on the game.


Unfortunately it’s not that simple. So far the game has found a good balance between players the pay with money instead of effort and those that pay with effort instead of money. Those that pay with effort essentially encourage those that don’t want to pay with as much effort to pay with money instead, one of the core pillars of the F2P approach. This update shifts the balance, by paying money you get a significant advantage in competitive game modes, an advantage that can’t be compensated in any way with effort.

Other games have taken that road and died pretty fast. First the F2P players leave, because they no longer want to be the punching bag for those players that spend money instead of effort. Now all paying players are on equal footing again, which makes them unhappy, because they paid to have easy targets to beat up. The publisher compensates by offering more expensive advantages, making those that pay only reasonable amounts the new punching bag for those that have lots of money to spend. This cycle may continue for a while depending on how skilled the marketing team is, once there are few enough players left the game shuts down.


Looks like the update is giving us nothing we’ve asked for repeatedly (weapon upgrade fix, pure faction 500 fix, class updates, troop updates, treasure hunt rebalance, etc).

And yet giving us several things we explicitly didn’t ask for (mythic behind paywall, stats behind paywall, guild wars becoming p2w, tasks aimed at depleting our limited resources, etc.)

Looks like I’ll continue to spend my $200/month gaming budget on other games. Really wish this game would become good enough that I could spend money on it without leaving a bad taste in my mouth.


I have never paid because I wanted easy targets to beat up. Personally I think that reason is a stretch and a lame argument against the developer’s plans.

Anytime I pay for something in a game it’s always because 1) I don’t have the time to grind as I have more important things to do with my time 2) I legitimately want something and feel it’s worth it, 3) I want to show support for the developers.

In any case if this is a bad move for the developers then so be it. I just think the game can’t stay the same and needs to move forward in some way. Developers gotta eat, too.


Sooo much extra hoops, just sell the Mythic 505.


Here is what you SHOULD have done with 5.0 and artifacts.

  1. every 4 weeks a new artifact is released and is directly tied to a kingdom and the delve of that kingdom.
  2. By completing kill tasks/progressing in the delve/upgrading kingdom levels etc. you level up the artifact which gives your troops in that kingdom additional stats permanently.
  3. At level 5 the artifact grants “barrier” at the start of delve battles.
  4. At level 10 the artifact grants “enchant” at the start of delve battles.

This would have provided the power creep that this game relies upon, while also helping to solve some of the issues with pure faction runs people are always complaining about.

But what do I know…

PS… Artifacts have ZERO connection to world events with your current model… Thanks for taking the event that nobody likes and making it every week.


And they have repeatedly failed on #2. So, so , so many offers are a ripoff, that I don’t even bother to look. Which leads directly to #3. Supporting bad offers leads to more bad offers. Have I spent money on the game? Yes, I have. And reason #1 is the main reason why. And when I first started playing, reason #3 also was a factor. But it’s been a looong time since I did. And unless things are very different soon, I don’t see me opening my wallet anytime soon.


Paying didn’t give you any easy targets to beat up so far. To problem is that this new direction the game is taking directly drives towards achieving this result. 5.0 will kill equal footing in Guild Wars, to participate in bracket 1 you will be forced to pay up. This will result in ripples in the guild structure, top GW guilds will slowly fade out F2P players with P2P players in order to remain competitive, no matter what they might be saying now. As those P2P players become more prevalent, so will future updates be more geared towards them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming PvP rework introduces a substantial amount of P2W, unique top placement rewards only realistically obtainable by those paying quite a bit of money.


And that’s cool! You’re entitled to your opinion on the offers. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing! God bless America! But just because you feel that way doesn’t mean someone else can’t feel different about it. If you don’t think this game is offering you anything worthwhile then it’s your duty as a consumer to vote with your wallet. This isn’t rocket surgery, bro. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

A lot of good points made in this thread.

The way I see it is, and I run a company, they are doing what is necessary and they made a good decision from their point of view with potions.

This 5.0 situation works off a similar premise and offers people a choice. It’s designed to appeal to the same takers.

My view is not the view of paying to keep the lights on, but the view that are things deserving of my hard earned money - based of the cost to value of my investment for the return.

I don’t give the local restaurant free money again for poor service/quality, I don’t go again if it remains poor, but would if I knew it got better.

So I’ve paid Vip but now am a lot more discerning in what I do. My current view is nothing is of the right value for me to part with any more cash.

However this offer in isolation doesn’t seem that bad, so I go back to my premise of if it feels like good value, then I may buy etc.

We will have to see as it develops.

But when I examine things deeper, we are averaging 3.6 imperial deeds per month since introduction. I’d like to see more available deeds and writs and 5.0 seems that it is not addressing this, so maybe I will decline to part with more hard earned cash until those things become more available.

I then go deeper and read that F500 got overlooked again, and weapons may still be overlooked.

Going even deeper the explore interface seems not to have been made more user friendly and I doubt summons will be changed for the better.

Where is the pvp revamp? Medals? Token issues? G War issues etc etc. 2 years in the making?

Sadly a lot of the decisions made are poorly conceived from players point of view based decisions, designed to thwart progress rather than let the players have a good gaming experience - hello explore. This is so much so that they alienate the very people who want to play and those that also do pay.

So my view of the elite pass offer holds more depth to the actual cost of it. If some of the other issues got fixed or we are told what is going to happen and when, then that elite pass cost becomes something I can get behind more easily.


Ok, I guess we’ll see. I don’t see a problem with a company catering to a clientele that gives them money. If anything I think that makes business sense. Running a business isn’t perfect. It’s like driving in a straight line. If the car starts veering to the left or right you’re gonna make adjustments to keep it straight. 505’s plans may not be perfect but I think they are competent to make adjustments as they go along. I’m sure the game will be around at least a couple of years from now. If not then you can say it told you so’.

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What adjustments would you say they have made in the past that give you a valid reason to say they are competent?

All the player base ever hears is… we have plans to fix that in the future but we don’t know when.


I can’t think of anything off the top of my head but you and I are still playing the game, aren’t we?

I play. But i haven’t supported them financially for a long time, and won’t until things change. I won’t even watch the ads because they don’t deserve the small amount of revenue that generates for what they have accomplished lately.

Probably be a good thing if they go under just so i stop playing. Only reason i continue is due to the time i’ve already invested