[PREVIEW] 5.0.0 Update Breakdown and Discussion

Initially only players who paid money were able to craft him untill the luck factor caught up for those free to play players.

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I get that for 90% of the game GW only takes about a hour those weeks. For that other 10% that probably pays for 90% of the game. Guild Wars running concurrently with any sort of weekly event is a terrible, no good, very bad, idea. Even Invasions running with GW last weekend was burning people out considering it was during a holiday for the US.
I’m fine with the Campaign running with GW.
I’m not okay with ToD or “World Events” running with GW. Otherwise truly fuck bracket 1 rewards. The mental health of my members is more important to me. Of which devs, mental health shouldn’t be my duty to protect, that should be your department.


This is not true. I was one of the fairly early players to get Zuul and didn’t spend a single $. Using gems does not equal using real money.


For the purposes of your argument I see why you would think that.
But if you’re a VIP 1 or above then you’re not a free to play player and thefore don’t have any counter point to my statement.

You cannot compare Zuul to this new mythic. If we could buy elite pass for gems I would agree.


I am in fact doing that in relation to the wait time between some players who pay money and those who don’t.
I’m just saying there’s precedent for Mythics to be released that only a certain sector of the player base will be able to get the new Mythic sooner than others.
Whether it’s Xathenos or Zuul’Goth used in the argument. It’s nothing new.

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Also putting the slightly more detailed analysis here.

This is beginning to look like several very well placed kicks into the place it hurts most for F2P players:

  • An exclusive mythic every 10 week campaign. Good luck farming 4k diamonds that fast for each campaign, especially when you might also still want to craft other things.
  • Several other exlusive troops (Kurandarito, Shade of Kurandara, Heart of Rage). Good luck ever getting those mythic, especially when you might still want to craft Zuul.
  • Several exclusive weapons (Devil’s Bane, Hammer of Force) . Good luck crafting those, some kingdoms haven’t had a kingdom event for a year. You’ll also need skip the exclusive mythic, not enough diamonds.

Not going to lie, this isn’t just disappointing, this feels like betraying the core spirit of the game. Yes, technically this stuff isn’t blocked behind a pay wall. But let’s be frank, everybody able to do basic math can easily see it also can’t be reached without scaling the pay wall. It’s outright impossible for F2P players to farm all resources required to post-craft these exclusives at the rate the campaigns crank them out. If you consider yourself a collector, this is the point where you either open your wallet for recurring payments or jump ship.

TL;DR: Update 5.0 kills the game for F2P collectors.


And that’s fine. If someone enjoys the game that much and plays that much then they should pay $10-$25 every 10 weeks. If the individual can’t afford it then I’m sorry. I hope they continue to enjoy the free game in various other ways outside of constantly having the same collection as those who can afford to support the game.

No one that is upset about the pay wall can argue that GoW doesn’t need more money. Those who are willing to pay constantly complain that there aren’t things worth paying for at a “fair price”. I’m already hearing less than 24 hours later that $10 for a mythic seems fair. Considering that’s just $1 a week for 10 weeks.
90% of those who bitch can easily afford it just don’t want to spend it due to “it’s a free game that should stay free” or “I don’t want to support the game, just want to have everything that those who support the game have” or “I’d rather spend money on a different game/movie” ect.
The other 10% play GoW because that’s all they can afford and that’s fine. They shouldn’t bitch though. They should support the fact that GoW is finding new ways to make money so that they can keep the lights and servers on. Or find a different free game that they enjoy. Whatever makes them happy.


Free, for free, for free spirit is not sustainable. I’d rather play GoW for another 3 years than see the servers shut down in 3 months “but they kept to the score spirit of the game”.

Which is better than F2P collectors killing the game. :man_shrugging:

I remember seeing some anual business report of 505 Games a while back, GoW was listed as making a spectacular amount of profit. I really don’t know where the myth that GoW needs more money is coming from.


You are welcome to show me such a report. And the cost to run a game with service game.

Of course paying speeds things up and that applies to pretty much every aspect in this game. The difference is with everything else I can also speed it up by grinding and/or spending my gem/key stashes. The thing is that with this campaign mythic there is only 1 way to speed it up. Open your wallet. This is a first for gow and nobody should be ok with it or downplaying the significance of it.


Sorry, premium membership for a drill down is $100. Someone posted screenshots of the relevant parts a long while back on the Gems of War Community Discord, feel free to dig them up in case you are interested.

Profit includes operation cost.


That’s not true at all in regards to my examples.
On PC/Mobile those who bought the daily dungeon deals crafted Xathenos two times as fast those who only used gems.
Zuul’Goth, required luck and pay. Pay (or have paid) enough to afford to be able to get first enough on leaderboards to get Power Orbs. Whether they spent money before or during doesn’t matter. And luck enough to get ascension orbs outside of getting #1.

Or to explain it another way.
Xathenos was based on a daily free pass, gem pass, or money pass.
Zuul’Goth was based on an event free pass, a gem/luck pass, and money pass.
New Mythic tied to the campaign will be for a free pass (get it after the campaign if you have the resources), elite pass ($10 is what 500 gems?) , And Elite + Pass.

5.0 isn’t “the new coke” it’s the same old coke with a new label.

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Then don’t bring up a claim unless you have the evidence to support it.

Every company needs money… So there’s my proof to my claim.

You are missing one important point. Campaigns are cranking out exclusive troops and weapons faster than anybody can farm the resources to craft them. Either you pay up or you miss out. GoW has always prided itself as the one F2P game where F2P players could obtain anything by spending enough effort, this ends with 5.0.


No. I’m not missing it. I’m just waiting to see if that’s true.
The new campaign Mythic is pretty set in stone at this point. So folks can say what they want about the weapons or other stuff. I can’t say anything to it at this point. That’s all.
My point… And only point is… The new Mythic really isn’t anything new in terms of attainability for pay players and free to play players. The model is just simply new.
Btw… In regards to pets. That’s been pay walled for at least a year right? Can’t have all the pets without spending money.
Can’t have all the Cosmetic armor without paying money.
Can’t have all the weapons without paying money. (Maybe if you started playing GoW on day 1 then you got them all for free.)
I can’t get mad bonuses for souls, experience and gold without paying money.

Where’s the proof to your claim that “GoW needs more money”?


Common sense.

Here are the rewards available for the free pass:

For an endgame player, that’s what? 2 pulls on a Faction portal, 6 Diamonds, 4 Epic Ingots (You’ll need a lot after this update), a pittance of gold and glory, resources like Traitstones that nobody can run out of, and… 70 gems worth of keys.

Compare that to an exclusive Mythic. I’d pay several thousand Gems for that, but a $10 pass is extortive.