[PREVIEW] 5.0.0 Update Breakdown and Discussion

Common sense.

Here are the rewards available for the free pass:

For an endgame player, that’s what? 2 pulls on a Faction portal, 6 Diamonds, 4 Epic Ingots (You’ll need a lot after this update), a pittance of gold and glory, resources like Traitstones that nobody can run out of, and… 70 gems worth of keys.

Compare that to an exclusive Mythic. I’d pay several thousand Gems for that, but a $10 pass is extortive.


The biggest issue with campaign mode is how rewards are set.
If you are free to play player, those will be your rewards for finishing 160 tasks (often boring, completely not enjoyable, even annoying):

8750 gold
3780 soul
490 glory
32 gold key
18 glory key
4 gem key
2 event key
90 Minor/Major Traitstone
34 Runic Traitstone
30 White Pet Food
4 Epic Ingots
16 Treasure Maps
680 Shards
40 Chaos Shards

So you will spend 10 weeks doing 160 tasks, just to get those. Sorry, but those are completely skippable. There is not a single interesting reward on this list.

But same time, because completing chapters will give you temporary stats boost, and those stats will affect PVP/GW game modes as well, you are kinda forced to do them, if you want to stay competitive. So as free to play player, you will do those tasks just to keep up with other players stats increase.

I don’t see anything interesting in this update to be honest. Devs call it “major”, we all waited 2 years for 5.0 update. But what does this campaign brings to you, if you won’t buy pass? This new event will last 10 weeks, tasks will be painful to do, and rewards from it are simply pathetic.
I would say more major update was World event, which is short, and at least you can get medals of season, few orbs, vault key and some diamonds from it, so few unique resources. Also World event is overal very easy to complete (in terms of very easy battles we have there, but score required to complete is also alright after corrections), and is not even considered good event by community…


That’s the free rewards over ten weeks? What’s the difference between pathetic and this … right.


I havent seen so bad design for a patch. Old idea with pay to win concept. I spent game in this game for help the game because it is a funny game (im vip 10). But the concept “you must pay or you are weak” it is really terrible. You can cancell the boring campaing (it is like the old daily task, nothingh new) and create a flash offert “5 euro for 2 magic skill bonus for a week”. It is the same concept but more fast. I can understand a modifier % like gold-souls-exp for vip livel for convince all people to spend a little bit for have all. But this season pass it is a big error for this game. There are other match3 game with paytowin dinamics, and you will lose player for this bad design.


Nysha + Mythic is valued at $35. So $10 seems fair. And thanks to the rewards lay out. It looks like the first campaign will be the only one worth spending money on.
Because I’m not spending money on something that makes adventure board rewards look good.
Those rewards are shit. And anyone who thinks otherwise has little to no knowledge about the game.

But thanks to @Redi1 showing the actual rewards. (Because I just couldn’t believe the rewards are that shitty.)
I see now that there’s exclusive weapons and pets from the campaign. So the rest of the crap is just filler garbage.

Sure is a lot of complaining over a $1 a week. Devs need cash, and Salty’s home renovators don’t take gems.

Though they could make Elite free through viewing ads, to equal $10 would be at least a 100 ads I’d think. But over a ten week period, watching 10 to 20 ads a week could be a reasonable f2p way.


Don’t forget that a lot of the tasks you need to do for these rewards require you to pay resources, like using event keys for a kingdom you wouldn’t want to use them for.


Excuse me! How dare you! It’s all for the dog! It’s all for the dog!!! You… you cruel monster!!!

Also that. Which I didn’t really forget.

5.0 aka Legendary Gems of Heroes.
Spend your hardest to get resources, like gem & event keys to get 5 minor stones or 10 coin purses. You can never have too many of them, right? Oh, you don’t want to spend keys? Then fork over another valuable resource, gems!
And if your guild gives a rat’s whisker (edited for content here) about Guild Wars you better do those tasks as fast as possible! Not to mention it would really help the guild out if you fork over some cash, you can get better stats much faster that way!
Any hey, newbies: Give us 10 bucks and we’ll give you a weapon that will become useless as soon as you finish a kingdom’s quest! Wow, you don’t have tons of epic ingots to upgrade these weapons because you’re just starting out? Well, if you pay more cash you can!
And you f2p players, you can craft the campaign mythic…until your diamonds run out…because we have tasks that require them too. Not to mention the weapons as well. But, you can get the pets and weapons when their kingdom comes around. What, sometimes it takes months for that kingdom to appear? Aww. Too bad.


That’s not entirely true either.
@Fleg is an old Thief, and has been with us for everyone of our ~57 first place GW finishes. Though we are in a bit of a GW dry spell, last I heard his hoard is ~100,000 gems. Fleg just used his f2p resources to win power orb events.

@TheIdleOne spent $$$ cash on gems to dominate the power orb leader boards. He may have been first legit Zuul owner across all platforms. But spending just money did not get him Zuul.

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But isn’t a VIP zero player. So what resources were used can’t be easily quantified as “free to play” since the things that helped the guild be successful could of of came from money.

I didn’t say anything to portray otherwise.
He was able to craft ZG months before any free to play players could, would, did.

This isn’t a prophecy that I’m saying. Or speculation. This is history that I’m stating to give perspective on the Campaign Mythic troop.

So? No cash he spent helped him get Zuul. No amount of cash he could spend would make any difference on how quickly he did. Old Thieves earned riches beyond your wildest imagination AW, and all from using free to play methods.


I’m pretty sure tasks to skip specific troop will be aligned with world events. So for example, on the week when you get “kill 20 Grey Kings”, there will be a world event running that includes battles with Grey King. Similar for “win battles with troops from kingdom X”, the world event that week will be limited to using troops from that kingdom.

I’m also pretty sure they wouldn’t get the numbers right. Like one Grey King showing up every 10 battles in a special mythic fight, requiring you to purchase tier 7 multiple times. I don’t recall we’ve had any world event yet that was actually working correctly right out of the box.


I’m not sure which came first, the campaigns or the world events. My guess is they were conceived at the same time and split up over two updates because doing it all in one would be too much. That’s why the campaign itself might be underwhelming, but if you consider the world event itself as part of it, then it’s a lot more content.

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But not a single one of you are free to play players. (At least on this subject.) What you’re failing to grasp is that it’s rather difficult to have all the troops and weapons without spending money on the game.
And if you think having all the troops and weapons in the game doesn’t give people Tactical advantages in game modes such as Guild Wars then you are out of your mind.
1,500 gems times 52 weeks. Oh my that is rather difficult to grasp. Be real man.
Somehow you wedge your GW dominance on Xbox into every single conversation. Like a 40 year old used car salesman talking about how they used to be a star HS QB.

Back to the point. Pay players have always been able to get “stuff” faster and quicker than “free to play” players. That simple.


Was just sent the “damning report” you cited earlier.
A 10% uptick in revenue over the course of a year does not scream “doesn’t need money”. I saw also what I think are euros in terms of digits… But they were so low that I hope I’m misunderstanding them.
Regardless… It’s much more realistic to assume that they need money more than the assumption that there rolling in the dough.

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Wow this is great!!