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Pressing Esc denies Orb of Chaos?

I’ve accidently pressed Esc on “Click to reveal OoC contents” screen and quit to mail right away. Did it vanish away or what?

I did the same thing in the first raid boss, look in your collection you should see one more orb somewhere

You do need to “revel” it for it to be added to your inventory. It is determined before hand. On console you can tell what an Orb is BEFORE you revel it if you select it in the rewards screen.

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On iOS the tooltip always says “Orb of Growth”, but the Orb could be anything.

This literally JUST happened to me too. I don’t know which orb it turned out to be, as I hadn’t looked at my inventory in a long time to know which one went up by one (IF it even did)… :disappointed:

When you receive the Orb of Chaos, the game has already technically opened it: the opening of the Orb is just the visual animation that plays afterwards. If you accidentally exit the Orb would have transformed. You’ll need to check your inventory to be see what you got.


Thank you for clearing this up.

This also concerned me this morning (and all throughout the day) more than it should have. I mean, hey, I want my free stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, any possible way that you guys can send me something other than Orbs of Wisdom? :upside_down_face:

Ten Orbs of Growth, coming right up!

Better yet, ten Major Orbs of Clans for him a solo/guildless player.

Funny you should mention, I actually have an Orb of Clans. :grin:

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