Prepare for Kerberos/Giant Spider/Forest Guardian/Queen Aurora for many months to come

It’s so powerful I’d say It’s broken!

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We will have to see if you’re correct. I fear the double Kerberos version more than the Queen Aurora /Giant Spider version.

I’m sort of expecting K / FG / K / QA, dropping out the Giant Spider and going right for the Green Cascade, and filling Kerberos just on cascade browns.

Single Kerberos always seems much more manageable than the double-fast Kerberos.


I fought one in guild wars today and it was just a mess. Aurora got everyone’s health up so high and with barrier it made it challenging to kill them before a devour.

If she buffed armor it wouldn’t be as bad but with that raw health, one shot from her is already more than a shot from Drakkulus without barrier. Ugh.

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Most likely Kerby will be no longer beast

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She’s not that good in the DM/Devour meta. She IS worth her weight in non instagib fights, though. All her buffs currently do is waste your turn and give enemy kerb free hp and barrier on devour.

I fought one as well today in guild wars. Cute, rainbow bright didn’t have an opportunity to spew unicorn puke all over the place. I generally use a dark maiden, giant spider double kraken team for basketcase day.


Only counter to Devour will be Devour. Dog eat dog world


Not true at all… There’s many forms of mitigation. I do wish indigestible was a little more available maybe even in an unused hero class.

I meant, if she just starts mana-looping, and get everyone to 300 HP (like with a Loyalty-loop team) , Devour will be the best way to kill anything with her.
until a ré-Devour. Or DM.
That already is the current meta.



I don’t see an issue here; there’s counters for everything there,

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I haven’t had too much trouble, even against double Kerb, with my Impervious team. I use Carnex > Plague > Behemoth > DRACOS 1337. It’s a grind but I still feel like I have the advantage.


When fighting against Kerb, devour > 50%. When using Kerb, devour < 50%. I suppose that is balance?

Forcing people to use devour to beat devour makes the game a LOT less fun. It isn’t quite there yet, but Aurora could push it there.

While there is always an element of luck in this game, skillful choice of cards and play should be able to overcome difficult opponents within reason. (Obviously, a Level 10 player should expect to lose to a Level 1000.)

However, the odds of winning non-Kerberos games are so much higher. Had my whole team devoured in 4 attacks, earlier, today. Really? 4-out-of-4? Insanely annoying.

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Try mana control… Whether by drain,transform,or playing keep away. There’s much more difficult defense combination than the beast metas. I rarely use impervious versus them.

My Imperv team includes mana drain. I like the combination.

I know yours does, but they’re many that haven’t got the the point they have full traited legendary cards at their disposal. And frankly they don’t need them to win effectively.

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Don’t know about you higher level guys but Kerb is easy to take out down here and why I have slow leveled since the beginning. Scarlet and especially a double Scarlet will take out kerbs before they get a chance to wag their tales. Takes out the forest guardian too.

I toss in an amira sometimes to take care of all or any blues. Just need to study the cards more and you can find easy solutions to any card that looks overpowered. Even famine can be taken out with amira’s.

one impervious in 4th slot will stop kraken spam. Any good immune to deathmark like the Hero deathknight in 1st slot will stop the Wraith and that dark troll card and if you play the elspeth team right none of them will even get a cast off.

I’m having a ball with 9k+ teams now. :slight_smile:


The problem is most of the mana drainers also need to power up and the forest guardian fully traited gets the beasts have way there. One 5-gem match in brown or purple and the Kerberos is ready to devour (maybe).

A barrier will not stop a devouring troop like Kerberos or kraken that does damage beforehand (it will stop the great maw though).

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. The devour is overpowered as presently developed and this will be a problem until the devour is reduced to something like what it should be. If the basic attack kills then and only then do you get the devour benefit.


My Scarlett destroyed several of those teams already

I wonder if Barrier should be reworked to break at the end of the turn if any damage would have been incurred during the turn. That would allow it to block damage-then-Devour, as well as add some protection against crazy skull spam overwhelming a Barrier. (Disclaimer: I have not thought this through too carefully.)


Yeah, my teams all have mana drain. I use Famine on offense in Guild Wars 3x/week. It is necessary and monotonous. However, this particular game, (1) They got a 5-drop brown in the 1st move, so Kerb was ready immediately, (2) It devoured Famine first, which is was kind of unlucky because I’m not always sure the AI decides devour targets in a smart way, and (3) I killed the 2nd Kerb, but the 1st was too big after devouring famine. It then had more chances to devour, and it went 4-for-4 attempts. The problem with that game was mostly in the RNG: It fed their team mana way more than mine (it happens), and a 50% chance was 100% chance (1-in-16 odds).

These are the kind of games that have people calling for a nerf of Devour, if not Kerberos, specifically.

The other problem is that Devour has made Guild Wars amazingly boring. Of 5 teams/day, 4 of them are going to be Kerb/Kerb or Famine/Famine teams. Every day. So, 12 times/week plus regular PVP, Kerb/Kerb, Fam/Fam. It has made things impressively tedious. It isn’t about whether they have counters - it just means I have to play my counter-cards all the time and rarely get to do anything new.

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