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Predictions Time

When do you think GOW version 4.0 to be released?
I say next Tuesday (for US) August 28. At the latest, Sept 4 which is right after Labor Day.

Who do you believe would give up coffee first? Salty or Cyrup?
I say Cyrup.

When do you think Warlords 5 will be released?

When do you think Warlords Battlecry 4 will be released?

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I doubt it will be released during GW. But it’d be cool if it did.

Not before september my guess

Next Sunday, September 2nd/Monday 3rd (depending on your time zone.)

That is my prediction for 4.0.

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I’d say around September 7th for the 4.0 update.
I’d say Salty would give up coffee first because she would make a drink that is 10x stronger and tastier than coffee.
IDK for the warlords games.


If she manage that all nations will start a powers race to capture her and uncover the secrets of such liquid… The scientific aplications are limitless, capable of reshaping the entire world’s culture and society.


I’m hoping as soon as Salty ends her 4.0 stream on reset day she says, “Oh, the spoiler is that we are releasing 4.0 right now!” XD

It would still technically be before GW instead of during.


I thought Salty said it would go live two weeks after the 4.0 preview stream. By that logic I’m guessing September 10th or September 11th.

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usually the preview is a couple weeks before, but last time it was like the day before and during the Q&A they said it was already submitted so anything is possible :slight_smile: I’m hoping tacet is right and they get right to it so we can Delve on in!

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So… does anyone remember the last time a patch was released, you know… 3.5? I even took notes about it.

Would you look at that… the patch launched the same Australian workday that the last preview stream was.

Salty said on the Monday stream that she wanted to do an extended stream to get the entire preview done in one session. I can see very good reasons why the update would occur quickly after the stream, to mitigate a lot of pre-update post-stream speculation. It’s going to be hard to keep the “cat in the bag” after the stream, given how much content is in the update.

History will repeat itself again, just as Tacet suggests.

EDIT: Sniped by Salty, ROFLMAO! :joy:

Typically we like to do the preview stream a week or two before the update hits. That is all I will leave you with for now. :wink:


Typically, keeping in mind there’s only been 2 of them, you don’t release an update (even if it’s ready) during a GW week. Fair statement to make?