Predicitions and ideas for upcoming Zodiac troops

Hello everyone,

While browsing the spoilers for upcoming troops at Taransworld, I noticed the inclusion of Zodiac troops in the page, from which the first one (Piscea) will be included at the start of february.

While the first two (Piscea and Aries) are already complete in design and kingdom style, I would like to bring my own interpretations of what the other upcoming zodiac troops will look like:

  • Piscea (february/march): already confirmed to be a big fish from Merlantis (quite obvious actually)
    Looks big enough to make us puny humans his diner, instead of vice versa

  • Aries (march/april) : already confirmed to be Khaziel’s packing mule (or goat), looking at it’s design.
    I never would’ve expected that a godly, Mythic zodiac troop would be tamed by the dwarves to be reduced to a luggage carrier, actually

From this point onward, the design of the following upcoming zodiac aren’t yet known at the time of writing this post

  • Tauros (april/may): already confirmed to be a Wild Plains troop (not so surprisingly).
    Troop type isn’t yet known, but I can already strongly assume it would be the same as it’s name.

I would even go further and predict that this troop would probably be seen as the surpreme leader (or maybe even the god?) by all the other Tauros in the Wild Plains.

  • Gemini (may/june): confirmed to be a Ghulvania troop.

Now this is getting interesting. With this zodiac troop being from Ghulvania, I would predict three forms of it:

    • The twins are the personification of good and evil.
    • It’s a troop with a dark, split personality (think of “Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde” or more modernly: Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin from “Spiderman” as good examples).
    • Think of the twins from “The Shining”.

  • Cancer (june/july): since Merlantis is already blessed with a Zodiac troop and I’m predicting something else for Blackhawk, I think this one will be a fire or lava crab hailing from Broken Spire, instead of the sea.
    I think the natural red color of crabs might even complement the fiery landscape of Broken Isle’s volcano.

  • Virgo (july/august): I predict this one to be an important holy figure from Whitehelm.

  • Leo (august/september): for this one come four iterations to mind:

    • A revered lion in the Emperial Court of the Leonis Empire.
    • The surpreme commander or leader of the Raksha in the Pridelands.
    • The original founder and first emperor of the Leonis Empire.
    • A high ranking general or supreme commander of a special military unit / knight order of the Leonis Empire

  • Libra (september/october): this one is more abstract, but since this zodiac troop has “balance” as its theme, I consider Shentang as a good kingdom for this one. In this idea “Libra” will then govern the forces of balance of “Positive and negative energy” or “Yin and Yang”.

I have not the slightest idea how this will look like in design, however…

  • Scorpio (october/november): a terrifying mythical monster (or Deamon/Monster) of the Drifting Sands, known in legends to have slayed countless of great heroes in the past; even being rumored as the cause of the fall of the great desert kingdom that once existed there.

Possibly related to the already existing troop “Scorpius” (where Scorpius acts either as a descendant or as a creation of Scorpio).

  • Sagittarius (november/december): a great past hero of the centaurs of the Divinion Fields. This troop has stamped a great mark on the history of the centaurs.

  • Capricorn/Capricornus (december/january): a satyr troop from Pan’s Vale.
    I predict that his ability will be a reference to the Greek mythological figure “Amalthea” from which her broken horn was transformed into the “Cornucopia” or “The Horn of Plenty”.

See the following links for more information:
Mythological origin of Capricorn

  • Aquarius (january/february): to me, this one sounds like a great name for a great water dragon belonging to the Kingdom of Blackhawk (similar as Borealis, the Ice Dragon from the Glacial Peaks; or Sylvanimora, the Nature Dragon of the Forest of Thorns).

This concludes my predictions and ideas for the upcoming and future zodiac troops.

What are your ideas or predictions for the zodiac troops?
Feel free to post them here!


O sea que la mítica de este viernes puede ser PISCEA? y cómo se llamará el reino?

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While Piscea looks like it may have potential, the same cannot be said about Ahries, the Ram. Its spell reads, and I quote:
Ram Sign
Deal (half)-[(Magic x 3) + 3] damage to the first Enemy. If they die, explode 8 Gems.
My gripes with it are why is it cutting its damage output in half and does the enemy have to die so Ahries can blow up a few gems? What I suggest is make it do [(Magic X 2) + 3] Heavy Splash Damage and blow up 8 random gems whether the enemy dies or not, but that’s just me :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:


wow, that’s so hilariously weak lol

In comparison:
Deal [(Magic x 2) + 5] damage to 3 random Enemies, and knock them to the back.

and nobody besides me liked Pan. thats 6x value compared to half-magic*3

Dark Smith Drenza
Give [(Magic x 1.5) + 3] Armor to all Allies. Deal [(Magic x 1.5) + 3] damage to an Enemy, boosted by Cursed Gems. Then destroy all Cursed Gems. [10x]

Likely does the same amount of damage and has a significantly better secondary effect.

Eliminate all Armor from all Enemies. Deal [(Magic x 2) + 7] damage to an Enemy. Submerge myself.


Not every mythic needs to be the best, but Ahries doesn’t need to be worse than an Ultra Rare troop.

If your first mythic in Gems of War was Ahries, you might as well quit the game.

The spell damage from Ahries is pretty lame, even with it being the first troop to have scaling off of “Magic x3”.

My question would be thus: Do the traits make up for it? Ahries can be a serviceable tank with 50% skull damage reduction, and there is the giving of armor to brown troops when matching brown gems which suggests using a heavy/all brown team.

I don’t believe the traits are anywhere near enough to make up for it and that this is simply another mythic that’s worse than a lot of Legendary and Epic troops. Nor do I see myself using that mythic – or Pisces for that matter – in a team at all, let alone something serious.

But there are probably objectively worse mythics out there.

Problem is that it’s a range, from 0.5 x magic to 3 x magic, to a single target, and you can’t even hit anything but the front troop. Worst case it will hit for less damage than a common troop, best case is that it still needs two to three casts to kill a target of same strength. If it would at least repeat the damage whenever it kills something then it might possibly find a purpose in some gimmick team, in it’s current state you are better off by using just about any other troop in your team. Move it over to Grosh-Nak and we could have some fun making Three Stooges memes, so it wouldn’t be entirely useless.

The only brown troop I’d consider using with this would be Gaards Avatar. Unfortunately, they managed to make it so they share the exact same colors. Red/Yellow/Brown.

I actually can not think of a worse mythic. It isn’t even hyperbole. At least Sacred Treasure has a 7 mana costs, stays out of the way, and has gold benefits.

Being able to target a specific threat is infinitely more valuable than being forced to target the first slot. Doing 100 damage on the cast doesn’t matter if the enemy has 30 life left. The only other mythic with this problem hits the first 2 enemies and can amplify damage.

Sacred Treasure: better utility
Shade of Zorn: faster mana, able to target
Wulfgarok: terrible damage, but meant to be a combo piece, can target
Gargantaur: can grow big in stats, has less mana cost, can target
Fallen Valdis: Hits 4 enemies

Problems with Ahries

24 mana for that effect

Forced first slot attack, which is usually the troop I target least due to already weakening first slot with skulls

no secondary effect on cast. on kill effects on Mythics tend to be lackluster.

4 armor to brown allies on brown gem match would only help early game, but its the same people least likely to be able to trait troops. At the same time, that spell would not help anyone in the slightest in the early game.

hilarious mana blocking with Gaards Avatar.

Gems of War has valued stats at 4 armor/life → 2 attack → 1 magic in most situations of the game. Piscea offers up 4 attack on blue gem match, but Ahries only offers 4 armor on brown gem match.

I dont know how to fix this Mythic, not that they would listen. I’m just going to say even if this troop was 15 mana for that effect, I still wouldnt want to cast it.

Dark Smith Drenza just does Ahries things better than Ahries and I only consider DSD an average troop.


Mambasira: Same spell as Lasher, but it can increase its stats with her third trait and Treachery.
Suna: Can inflict damage and steal Magic from enemies.
Will of Nysha: Same as Suna
Queen Aurora: Rainbow Link helps with Mana generation
Dao: Can destroy gems for Mana generation an has a decent summon.
Doomclaw: Can enrage allies, boost damage off of enraged allies and can devour enemies