Power Levels Creeping Closer to 20. Is there a pay wall?

With the Forest of Thorns event this week, I unlocked Power Level 18.

I was curious to see what remained to reach Power Levels 19, & 20

[Power level 19]

  1. Upgrade 28 {Kingdom} troops to level 20
  2. Reach Champion Level 80 on the {Class} class
  3. Collect 3 {Kingdom} pets

[Power level 20]

  1. Unlock 3 Traits on 29 {Kingdom} troops
  2. Reach Champion Level 100 on the {Class} class
  3. Fully upgrade 8 {Kingdom} weapons

Not too difficult, seems reasonable.
Forest of Thorns has 4 pets currently, and you don’t need them maxed here like you do to reach 17. The kingdom now has 27 troops, so 1 more maxed level troop and 19 can be unlocked.

However, currently reaching 20 is a different story. Fully Upgrade 8 {Kindgom} weapons?
I currently have 7 of 8 owned, and am missing “Yasmine’s Chalice”

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Looks like you can only craft Elemental Bow in the shop, but not Yasmine’s Chalice (possibly because the other Forest of Thorns craftables are Riftblade from the Delve and Oaken Crown). The last two are obtainable today and this week through gem purchases in events though. Elemental Bow I don’t have – I’m short on Amethyst jewels, only by 31 though, so a couple pet battles this week should fix that.

Yasmine’s Chalice though… I mean, yeah, that’s $4.99. It’s possible you could wait for it to be a Flash Sale item, where it will be like $5 for it plus 100 gems. Keep in mind though that there needs to be 2 more Forest of Thorns troops for level 20, one more for level 19 (personally though I’ll have to use a Major Orb of Ascension on Aurai to get it to 20). There’s nothing coming out in the next two months for Forest of Thorns anyway though, so I’m not going to rush to spend $5 on a weapon I’ll never use just to prepare myself for months down the road. Not worth it.

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We will SURELY get a Forest of Thorns event that has two troops plus one new weapon. That is usually how it goes (unless its just one troop on a ToD week, just to @$%^ with us…). So by the time we get the troop criteria for 20 we will get the weapon criteria “more easily” (I personally have the Chalice weapon so I’m set on that bit).

Of course since Forest of Thorns is this week we won’t see that kingdom get another event for some 30 weeks plus or minus.


Right, and the next one would most likely be a Tower (not Doom mind you) event, but there are only 27 tower troops currently in the game, and Forest of Thorns already has one of them.

True. They’re not likely to loop back onto the kingdoms that already have them (though I don’t know what they’ll do otherwise).

I’ve been keeping an eye on this since they released the list of weapons which will never appear in the Soulforge. There are still 12 kingdoms that would be unable to reach level 20 without purchasing a weapon, but that list has been dwindling steadily with each event, so I’m not overly worried about it.


Good to know. I hadn’t been really tracking this, as it seemed so far off. But my interest peaked once I noticed this Kingdom hit 18.

Neither Raid Boss nor Invasion Event

  • Merlantis
  • Sin of Maraj

No Invasion Event

  • Darkstone
  • Ghulvania
  • Glacial Peaks
  • Silverglade
  • Stormheim
  • Zhul’Kari

No Raid Boss Event

  • Blighted Lands
  • Drifting Sands
  • Karakoth
  • White Helm

Also of note is that Pridelands has had two Invasion events. It has Kartek the Climber, a Raksha troop, and Stone-Shaker, a Beast troop.

In total it will take a full year of Invasions and Raid Bosses, assuming no additional duplicate Kingdoms, to release Siegebreakers/Godslayers for every Kingdom. Do the upcoming events support this? Based on Spoilers for January and February’s Invasion and Raid Boss, yes. What this also means though is that it becomes harder and harder to get all kingdoms to a high power level, because once a Siegebreaker, Godslayer, AND a Delve team are released for that Kingdom, there is little incentive to keep adding troops to the roster. Case in point, Forest of Thorns already had a Siegebreaker, already had a Delve team, and it just got a Godslayer this week and a Glory troop. It already has two Mythics and three non-Delve Legendary troops. Very few Kingdoms have four Legendary troops (excluding the Delve legendary, because that isn’t released in Event keys or other chests).

So… unlocking 3 traits on 29 troops? Quite difficult, with only 27 in the game, because who knows when those last two troops will come out. It could literally be a full year.

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