Power Level Expansion?

During Week 9 of this Campaign, Sword’s Edge will reach a maximum Power Level of 30. Is there a plan to somehow expand the Power Level system in case more troops are released for this kingdom?

I’d rather hope, there isn’t. I would enjoy the feeling to be finished with something for once in this game. Constantly adding more to keep the endgame whales motivated is such a bad move. Growth needs limits.


true, at least for a while. We want other kingdom to grow first

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You might notice that each set of 5 power stars has a color aligned to the different rarity levels, white, green, blue, purple, gold, and platinum (light blue). Since the level 26-30 stars complete that mythic platinum (light blue) color I don’t think it would make sense to go beyond that.

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There could be red for 31-35 to match Bosses

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And there could be additional kingdom levels up to 25, available through the new item class “library” (100 books required to forge each)…
The game will keep getting worse all by itself, no need to deliver ideas on how to get there.