Power Gems 💎 Recruiting 29/30 - Guildwars Competitve Bracket #1 ⚔ a Top Tier Guild 🥇 Spots Opening Sunday

Power Gems Goal: Current goal: Break into Top 4 in GW.

Our goal has always been to be a top 10 guild since the guild was first founded over 1 year ago. Furthermore, we are building a “family” style community that enjoys gaming together and helping each other to grow and get better in game.
We have made great progress and moved up the ranks currently ranked 47th on the overall trophy leaderboard.
More importantly we started in Bracket 4 when Guildwars came out and fought our way up into Bracket 1.

We are recruiting competitive members who love the game:

The main requirement is that you have to be serious about Guildwars and the competition aspect of the game. Must be willing to improve and must put in your fair share of contributions as you will be getting a lot back in return.

Here are some simple expected minimum requirements (many of our members do more in most of these categories):

• Guildwars Participation Daily
• Minimum 4/4/4/4 Guildwars sentinel tribute donation (in bracket 1) to help yourself and our Paragon
• At least 500k+ gold donated weekly to tasks
• 1500 Seals Claimed Weekly (the sooner the better)
• No Trophy Requirement (play enough and this is assumed you will acquire enough trophies)
• Discord server use expected (We all chat and hang in Discord mostly discussing strats and helping each other, while not officially required you should hang in here regularly…how else will you get to really know your guildmates?)
• Ideally, have Level 10 all kingdoms and at least around 5 STARS or more on kingdoms working to increase.

You should be around at least level 450 with all above requirements reachable to be an ideal candidate.

How to Contact us:
• Contact me on steam: Mordaloch (slower response time)
• Reply to this thread (average response time)
• Or Contact me on Discord: Mordaloch#5684 (best response time)


**** Remember many guilds promise a lot but don’t always deliver, Power Gems is the perfect place for a dedicated active member who does their share and in doing so gets 20 times more in return!***

Below are some screen shots of our GW accomplishments in the recent past along with testimonials of some of our newer members who wanted to share their stories about how glad they are they joined our guild.

Aug 13th:



Aug7th (while down 1 member)

In summary:

Power Gems members are focused on helping the team win, we all contribute the basic requirements of gold, seals, trophies etc… but it goes beyond that. We want to be the best in the end game therefore we strive for Guildwars excellence and we are always discussing ways to improve and training our members to be successful.

Don’t be discouraged if you are not the best Guildwars player when applying as long as you have the drive to become better we can help you. The guild is pretty laid back actually very uncharacteristic of most hardcore guilds that tend to stress people out. You don’t feel like just another number in the guild grinding out the requirements, no in this guild you feel like an important member of the team and you drive yourself to be better and contribute more on your own accord.

I am looking for members who can meet basic guild requirements regularly and also incorporate themselves into our guild as members who help each other and chat and continue the family like atmosphere of cooperation. You don’t have to be super hardcore but you should be willing to do well and participate in guildwars daily.

I have a lot of loyal players and am looking for more of the same, for most people my guild is the last guild they will ever need to join in this game because of how well it is run and how well we all get along.

         **See for yourself what some of our members are saying about Power Gems:**

cc.Kouga, (member of only 55 days in the guild at the original time of this posting)

Plenty of chances, with a side of great in-game family.

Before I joined Power Gems, I was in a relaxed guild. There was no pressure because there were no minimum requirements. As such, there was almost no improvement either. Getting Legendary troop is super lucky, and Mythic troops are just that, mythic.

Then I talked with Ninertwo and Mordaloch on Global Chat. I was level 278 with no level 10 kingdoms. They invited me to join Power Gems anyway. And now I am level 877 with all kingdoms at level 10 and 5 stars. (Except Suncrest, that kingdom is one pain in the behind to level). And I have only joined them for less than two full months. I almost couldn’t believe how much progress I have made. Now when I open my troops tab, I have nice rows of Mythic troops. Joining a top level guild sure has lots of perks. Keys? I get them by the hundreds. Gems? Ditto.

Friends to have fun chat with at all hours? Who readily share tips, eager to help and listen to your rants? Who join in on your crazy antics and joke? We have them plenty. But to get all those, you have to work for it. At first, I struggled with adjusting. I was the lowest level member and my Guild Wars points never reached 15,000 weekly. But everyone was so helpful and encouraging.

At times I was afraid they’d kick me out, but they believed that I would and could do better next time. And I did, because I worked hard, I put in the effort. I felt like I didn’t do much, didn’t do enough for the guild. But they assured me that my 1000 trophies was proof that I was a good fit for the guild. (And my latest Guild Wars points was just shy under 20,000) So yeah, if you’re a hard working player, looking for a fun guild with a competitive edge, you’ll get plenty of chances to improve (and have fun) here with Power Gems.

Bernice, (member of only 55 days in the guild at the original time of this posting)

What I love most about Power Gems is the support from the team:

  • There are dedicated chat threads for advice on each color team.

  • Guild members will set up their defense team so you can practice against a specific troop set.

  • Everyone contributes gold consistently so we start Legendary Tasks on Mondays.

Power Gems is a great team because everyone benefits from all members playing toward progressing while having fun and enjoying amazing rewards.

Ninertwo, (member of only 127 days in the guild at the original time of this posting)

I started playing Gems of War back in January of this year. My husband played it on the PS4, and I thought the treasure maps looked like fun! I am not much of a gamer, but I played casually and my old guild became inactive. I was like “Do I quit, or do I find a higher level guild?” Well, I went on the message boards and Mordaloch had posted a recruitment message. I eagerly jumped at the chance and boy was that the best decision I made.

In the 4 months I’ve been a member I have:

  1. Progressed from level 200 to level 1104 
  2. A LOT of goodies….gems…keys…legendary task surprises, and a LOT of minor stones 
  3. A few mythic troops from all the extra rewards! (Ketras x5, Famine x2, plague x2, and a host of fun others)
  4. A great guild family where we all enjoy chatting with one another. From Indonesia, Illinois, Europe, Canada, Illinois and Oregon and beyond!
  5. A sense of pride seeing us move from 90 in trophy standings, to 56 as of today 
  6. Starting bracket 4, and now really pushing towards bracket 1. We were worried bracket 2 would be too hard for us, but we pulled together and keep moving up! We get on discord, complain about the AI, defense strategies, what we had for dinner  You know, the important stuff!
  7. Mordaloch gave me a chance to become part of Guild Leadership early and I have been able to help him make this a top tier guild.

How many other guilds have been around for a year, and moved up this fast?  Not many, if any at all!
Will I ever leave Power Gems? Hell no! This is the best place to be in the Gems of War universe <<-- He is right however he still made the wrong decision to leave anyways.

Join us today!

                    **Will you write your next story with us?????**

Pm sent !!!

If you would like to be considered in the future PM me on here and I will add you to our wait list. Thank you!

1 Spot available, Please make sure you are a Guildwars oriented player before applying. :slight_smile:

Come on everyone, you won’t be disappointed !

Hey pb are ya still looking for a guild? We have a spot open now

He’s already in. Name is Allo. :slight_smile:

Still looking for a solid member please read through the original post let me know if you’re interested.

We might hit bracket 1 at this rate any GW fanatics want to join us for the experience of taking on the other top guilds? 1 spot available still???

Join us! It’s fun :slight_smile:

I’m obsessed with GW!

Level: 537
1500 seals weekly
All kingdoms maxed so all gold goes to the guild

Contact me on discord please Preston/McDiddy

We are full until Sunday but if interested and patient we will have a spot open up this Sunday so let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Ok one spot is open thanks for checking us out, read OP to find out how to contact me thanks.

We are a great guild, and enjoy the competition! Join us now :slight_smile:

Sunday Evening Bump!

We are on our way to Bracket #1 soon and I have decided to open up 5 wait list spots for serious GW players that have something to offer and want to be on our competitive roster. Getting on our wait list will be confidential so please pm me here or on discord if you are serious. By getting on our wait list you should be ready to move to our guild if a spot opens up again I stress the “serious player” aspect I talked about earlier. You should already be an experienced GW player with enough troops to make good teams and just looking to join a guild with like minded and dedicated players. Joining us is not about happy Halloween free LT’s and handouts and I don’t gotta do jack!, NO you are going to need to put in what you expect to get out or your stay will be short lived.

Ok Great looking forward to hearing from you.

Power Gems Guildmaster

Wait list still has spots.

SUNDAY FUN DAY! A good day to get on our wait list you never know. We about to bust into Bracket #1.

Please read the original post, we have 30 members now but you never know with GoW real life takes over and we may get a spot in the guild, we are looking for qualified candidates that can fill this spot on a moment’s notice. Therefore I have opened up a wait list. This list will be confidential so make sure to PM me directly if you are interested.

What I am not looking for: Members that leave their guilds as soon as there is a better guild out there (guild hoppers), but if you have been loyal and been in your guild a long time and decide that it’s not working out for whatever reason that is understandable. So please don’t apply for my wait list if you have been in your current guild less than 60 days it just shows that you are not very dependable. There is an exception for lower level players who are moving to a top guild from a starter guild but still you should have been in that guild for at least 30 days again I don’t like (guild hoppers) who always think grass is greener on the other side of the fence. We don’t want leechers we want producers, I built this guild from the ground up with loyal players that worked their way to the top, these are the type of players I want to attract to join Power Gems.

Thanks for reading!