Post "United We Stand" update - Change Suggestions

So, following on from the last update, there seem to be a lot of small issues with menu layouts and UI, along with other problems, which I felt worth mentioning. So, here’s my list, and others can add to it if they spot anything that needs to be mentioned. This isn’t necessarily a bug list, but it’s possible some of these issues might be bugged and we aren’t being told (Anyone seen @Kafka recently? Is she OK?) so there’s no way to know.
Here’s my list:

  1. Alliance menu - Overview tab looks fine, as does Ranks tab, firstly. But Leaderboard is lacking. The left side of the screen has a big banner image, which is doing nothing since that’s already seen on Overview tab, and is just wasted space. Meanwhile, I have nowhere in the game that displays my current citadel points. I have no way to know how close I am to the Leaderboard and whether it’s worth spending money (something you WANT, clearly) to get onto the board. Sure, if you’re on the board you can see it on the right, but if not, you have no idea. So, simple solution: get rid of the banner and add a box on the left with a citadel crown symbol and underneath show “My Citadel Points” followed by the players current total.
  2. Seriously, you can’t give a reward to all 100 players on the Alliance leaderboard? 5 gems? 10 Silver marks? Anything? The leaderboard looks weird with no rewards next to the point totals, and it’d be easy to add some small reward and move the points over to make room. Again, you WANT players to be paying money to try and get onto the leaderboard, so you might as well be giving them some tiny reward when they do.
  3. Change the lanterns in PvP regions. The look of them is fine, but it can’t be that big of a job to re-colour them and make a silver one and a gold one, along with the current bronze. Leave the bronze colour with the world map, on kingdoms with mythstone bonus, and give PvP regions a silver lantern when they give bonus silver marks and a gold lanterns when they give gold marks. It’s a small quality of life improvement, but it’ll make the experience way better.
  4. When clicking on a region with a lantern, the display is bugged, stating that it gives “%1” bonus, and this needs fixing. It also states it gives silver marks when it actually gives gold and shows the wrong amount. Not only does this need fixing, please, but the display needs to state the correct gold mark value, based on whatever scaling you are using. We players need to know exactly what bonus we will get, before we start, not have to wait until the end of 5 battles and “wait and see”.
  5. Given that players are more likely to use different talismans during citadel battles than in normal PvP (where loses don’t cost sigils), we really need either loadouts we can cycle between (like medals have), or an on/off toggle next to the “Edit” button that takes you in to the talisman selection screen.
  6. The pause menu does not need so many tabs. We now have four, doing the same job that one was doing previously. You don’t have to revert it, but you can at least stop making changes like this - stuff that spreads useful information out or takes it away, that serves no purpose and just annoys players. But, also, consider reverting it, please.
  7. ENOUGH WITH THE POINTLESS ANIMATIONS! We now have animated menus in seasonal, animated pop-ups when we earn silver marks for 5 battles in PvP, animated pop-ups when we complete a daily task (on top of the existing banner pop-ins, for no reason at all), animated intro screens when merchants/genies/demons/angels appear between battles, and more I think. We all know what you’re doing. all these animations are there to slow players down, but we’re sick of them. You said they would be skippable, and they aren’t. Make them skippable, or get rid of them. And don’t keep adding more.
  8. Please add a season clock or countdown. I know we haven’t started the first season yet, and you haven’t said when it will be, so I get there not being one for the time being, but once the first season starts, we need to know how long it lasts, and be able to check (in-game) how long we have left before each season ends. It needs to be easily accessible and clear, somewhere within PvP.
  9. Can you please add a way to see what rewards each rank in an alliance give? There isn’t much incentive to level up your rank, if you have no idea what that does. I know it says we get better rewards, but if we don’t know what they are we won’t try as hard to get them. Which means playing less and spending less. I’d suggest being able to click on the rank within the Ranks tab of the alliance menu, and having a popup box that tells you about that rank. You could also have it state how many players are currently at that rank (a number, or a percentage) as of daily reset.
  10. Building on that numbers point, why can’t we see how many players are currently (live or as of daily reset) in a given alliance? We are supposed to be choosing between them, with rewards scaled based on number of players within an alliance, but we don’t know how many there are in those alliances? How are we supposed to choose? Add this information to the alliance menu and also to the alliance selection menu when you have no alliance and want to pick one. Sure, many players will just choose the biggest one, but given that the rewards scale, many will want to pick a smaller alliance for bigger rewards, assuming that alliance has a chance to win.
  11. Tell us what the reward scaling is. Either in-game or in one of the helpdesk pages. Make it clear what the default is, what the scaling is based on, what direction it scales and what the ranges are. For example, “Alliances gain 50 gold marks per region as standard, however this decreases as the number of players within an alliance increases relative to other alliances, down to a minimum of 10 gold marks, and increases as the number of players decreases, up to a maximum of 75 gold marks.” That would make it really clear and allow players to decide what is worthwhile.
  12. Alliance ranks are not currently displayed with the player anywhere, as far as I can tell. If I select a player’s profile, it tells me a lot of information such as favoured troop, honour rank, home kingdom, what guild they’re in, guild rank and how long they’ve been in that guild, their VP, various data about wins and losses in PvP and all sorts about their underworld progress. But nothing about their alliance. Please add their current rank and which alliance they’re in. Maybe also their current loyalty, as we can see how long they’ve been in a guild so I don’t know why we wouldn’t be able to see how long they’ve been in an alliance.
  13. Make alliance chat something you can disable, something you can set to alerts only (so you can’t see what others post, just which citadels are vulnerable, etc.), and something you can switch the notifications off for (the switch is currently bugged, so you can’t do this). Adding another chat shouldn’t have happened until you knew for sure that you could set the options to what players actually wanted.
  14. Can you please add a “Next War” button within the Citadel war menu tab, which just jumps to the next region with a war available. So, when a war is going on, we can easily cycle between all regions available to use our citadel sigils, and decide which to use them on. This would be so much easier than having to keep exiting from one region and moving to another and going into that menu. In fact, being able to cycle through regions and kingdoms in every map with a button press would be fantastic. No more going in and out of each menu, just tap the button and jump to the same menu in the next location.

That’s it for now. Unless anyone else has anything to add, these are what I noticed and it’d be great to see improvements made on these things, along with all the other issues in the game which need attention before you rush to add anything new, please.
Thanks, and hope to see some of these changes as soon as you can.


actually those are for dophamine blast to keep players engaged like they’ve earned something. Works everytime unless you’re hardcore player.

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+1 to this entire post. Especially:
#3 - PvP lanterns
#4 - PvP lantern rewards display
#6 - Pause menu info display
#7 - Pointless animations (x 1mil. Please make them not just skippable, but have a settings option to opt-out of them entirely.)
#13 - Alliance chat options

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Wow this is a great list, thanks for posting. I would only add translation for chat, which has been mentioned many times by others. It would also be useful for guild chat.

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also can be merged with Game Improvement list

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Really? Fair enough if that’s the actual reason. Guess I must be a hardcore player, because my dopamine blasts when I hit the reward screen itself, not in the 2 second animation beforehand, but yeah, thinking about “vegas casino” bells and whistles, I guess getting a “special animation” when you finish something would feel good to certain players. Doesn’t explain the long animations before and after the merchant/genie/demon/angel, or going into the holiday events (you haven’t won anything, just opened a menu). Some of the animation is definitely just slowing players down unnecessarily.

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Forgot about this, but wanted to include it. More important in global and alliance chat than guild chat, since many guild share languages, but all chats could really benefit from auto translate being available. Even if it’s not perfect, it can help a lot.


UPDATE: suggestion 4 seems to have been dealt with, in the recent hotifx. We can now see what rewards we will get and can hunt gold marks more easily. Thank you devs.
Also, suggestion 13 has partly been addressed, as the option to disable alliance chat notifications has been fixed, so it should now work. While the rest of the options would also be appreciated, this does make the chat much easier to deal with. Thank you devs.

Also, suggestion 8 is being highlighted here: Request for Clarification: Alliance Ranks and VP Reset as players are really wanting to know whether it’s worth their while to try for the highest ranks within their alliance, and what will happen at the end of the season. Having a clock counting down, so they know how long they have, and being able to click on it to be told what will happen to their VP and loyalty when the clock reaches zero, would remove a huge amount of frustration both during seasons and when they end.