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Post 2.0 Improvement wish list

New PvP TIER system needs work… obtaining top TIER is a bit rediculous time hit… why not have division based system where levels 0-100 compete for their own ladder, level 101-300 compete for a different ladder of rewards, and level 301-600 compete for their separate rewards, 601-800 have their own division and finally the 801-1000+ compete in a final bracket. As it stands, I was less than lv 200 and got paired up with DHJL or whatever, and he was rank 2 and level 1000 at the time… with all mythics fully traited… I stood no chance and there’s no reason I need to compete with that person. If you had the same set of arcane drops at each of the division breaks noted above, then folks could REASONABLY compete against one another and getting to first in a week would not require rediculous play time, unreasonable matches and would be a chance for all players at any level of the game receive rewards… inviting more and more players to compete at each bracket or division, and dropping the time to achieve / earn arcanes into a much more management block of game time.

Remove delay that seem to have been added in 2.0

Reasonable / equitable trade in for traits so X amount of one can be traded for another

Make Arena more lucrative, right now, its a waste of time

Add speed cash out to maps… right now, treasure maps are not fun… crushing them adds nothing to current progression and takes valuable time for minimal rewards… it’s painful when what you want to be doing is leveling up troops… since slot machines have a ‘hurry up mode’ why can’t your treasure maps?

Also, if I have multiple maps - why do I need to exit back out to home screen? Why not allow me to just bust another map back to back?

Clean up PvP interface, if I want to just crush opponents for awhile, stop forcing me to the various blinking tier screen

Move the Exit button so that it does not overlay with the Gems button on the next screen… seems like far too many times I accidentally end up in the buy gems screen, which again I have to exit out of… all time wasters

Arena needs an interface to allow me to see what I have already picked instead of overlaying the screen with the new cards making it impossible to see the mana colors.

If you go undefeated with no losses, that should pay out better than beating all enemies with 1 loss.

You need many more reliable ways to farm Arcane Traitstones in the game… right now, it seems far too heavily skewed on pay to win.

Add some ‘pre-built’ raid boss type of match ups, where you can elect to go fight “whoever” or “whatever” groups, teams, etc each week for guaranteed drop… a special boss at the end of each kingdom which has a guaranteed drop of two of his / her arcane trait stones would be awesome!

How about a team event where you can search for partner to team up against a special team / enemy boss?

How about an option to hover over kingdoms or toggle their rewards, tribute, skill, etc as a viewable main map summary?

Need a ‘switch view’ feature in the troops list so you can see which minions you have most of the required traitstones for, switching to a detail / spreadsheet list or something equivilent would be helpful knowing what you need to work on…

News page could be used to let folks what is coming for next week, so they can decide to spend this week or wait for next

Add feature to ‘message’ the guild leaders somehow, instead of just general chat…

Add feature where players can indicate inactive players to the guild leader, who might be slacking from their duties…

We have so many troops and unique kingdoms, why not tap into that? What if there were environmental effects by kingdom that both sides were subject too? What if we could set up a separate defense, for each kingdom to avoid negative effects and take advantage of some perhaps inherent bonuses in that kingdom? What if each kingdom had it’s on mini-game arena-like (but different) event… what if you could not just take your team through arena, but you could take it on a circuit of all the kingdom’s mini-games and rewards grew the further you got?

Allow us to see the ‘banner’ or colors a both teams have set, during a fight

When dumping souls into troops, it would be really handy if you had some kind of slider to indicate how many souls you wanted to dump… vs. just doing one at a time and waiting for the graphic to tick over and over.

If I’m ascending, why do I need to hit the arrow 5, 10, 25 or 50 times? Why not just let us hit “upgrade” and be done? Or left arrow instead of right, for max needed to ascend… time savings / less button clicks = good!

How about a craft system for cards you just cannot seem to find… and a trade / dust system where you have too many of a card type… for those like me with some horrible RNG… newer players would really apppreciate a reduction to the horrible collection curve in this game… and mythic drop rates aren’t making the game any more approachable to new folks

Do we need to be dumped back to the map after every challenge fight?

Could an overlay ‘update message’ be added instead of having to dump out of content to see when guild or hourly tribute or PvP rewards have dropped?

Could an account wide setting for “auto collect” be added as an option, so I can just automatically collect my PvP, tribute and guild task rewards instead of having to click and collect each time?

50 gems, really? To change a class… why? What purpose does this really serve? Does anyone actually pay this rediculous fee? Why does it need to be there at all… moreover, once you have a class unlocked and fully leveled up - why do I need to keep paying or waiting to reuse the class? Why are you taking choice of how one plays your game away? I’d rather have multiple teams, and multiple purposes so I can use a class when I want, how I want… making me wait a day or charging me, just makes me not want to mess with hero classes, ever.


We don’t need tiers nor separated ladders based on level. I like facing the high level teams because they’re worth the points and money. I’m sub-200 too and love it when I get paired against @dhjl. He has a different defense team than most and I have a good chance at winning. If I really felt like I’d be creamed, that’s why their are 2 other choices to fight as well. No one is forcing you to pick the hardest fight.

Besides isn’t there a sub-200 player on top (or was last I looked) this week?


I won’t have much to say about any of this except the Arena/TH parts.

Actually, for some people, like me, the Arena is the only part of the game worth playing. I’ve never liked PvP and the new update has pushed it to the “never touch again” side, so for players like me, thank god the Arena exists. When it was broken a few weeks again, I just stopped playing. And I know for a fact I’m not alone in this.

Same here, I love TH a lot, I DO find them fun. I even buy maps occasionally, crazy huh?

That could be good, but there are only 6 mana colours and 3 cards to pick, it doesn’t scream memory test. If it is that complicated for you, maybe write it down? Drafting takes about 30 seconds, and you only have to remember a small amount of information. I’m all for improvement, and that one would be fine, but I don’t think it’s needed.

As for the rest, I’ll let the PvP players say if they think these are good ideas or not. But don’t denigrate my Arena! >_<


As far as the “ladders” go, my perspective is working 41 yr old who puts in 50+ hours weekly at job, husband and father in evenings. I have 3 teenage daughters and anyone who’s in my shoes, knows the time demands.

I really enjoy this game as a get away, fun click and don’t have to put crazy thought into anything, even the girls come help sometimes… or take over… but it also has the depth when you want to dig into some strategy. I like that.

Gold / glory farm from PVP,
Soul farm (well it should be) in Arena making that productive
Gems and key farm from treasure maps, or it should be

However, it’s quicker and more time productive to just build a soul farm team. In a game that allows you to level from 0-1000 (before they increase it), around level 100-150 you can out farm souls just playing challenges over and over again with a soul farm team. So, arena becomes obsolete… unless you just like taking longer for a match and fighting with random cards… however, in your Gems of War tenure, at level 200+ you have absolutely no need for anything Arena has to offer. You have all the cards (maybe not the mythics) and your interests shift for hte next 800 character levels in this game.

You can farm more gold in PvP or with a Tyri Team than you could ever hope to gain from the Treasure Map mini-game… it’s just not an effective use of time there. The Treasure Map game also doesn’t push your character class levels or offer any other benefit to kingdom progression which yields long term resources and impact to your overall effectiveness in the game world… so, it too becomes relegated to - how you get your gems and can be beneficial for Glory farm… keys are almost a joke as you don’t get enough there to be meaningful, and time isn’t worth it… even Tacet the Terror put out vids stating out best use of Treasure Maps is glory or Gems.

Guilds, good guilds, end up being a much more reliable source for Glory and Gems even… so, the tresure map mini-game, is a bit out dated, its heavy on time, and light on rewards considering what you will do in your MAJORITY of time spent in game as you progress towards 1,000. I think it’s a neat component, it’s very interesting element and game, but the rewards just are not in line with time vested.

I like the “sealed deck” side of arena… a cool way to introduce new cards could be to ensure all players get one to test drive if they automatically get one in that game each week… however, so much more could be done with arena. Look at hearthstone’s tavern brawl for some examples of how they could LIVEN up that event each week. Your first clean sweep each week for example could offer bonus loots - to give everyone incentive to play it… if not change up the event each week - or, leave it - and use another city to add a ‘new event each week’ call it the Khollesium of Khatar… or something like that, but its a chaos event where something new happens - something fresh, and something REWARDING to what players need. (gems, arcane traits, etc)

They of course don’t have to take any of this into consideration, but I think there’s a ton of options and the game feels a bit stingy on time to rewards at levels 200+ at times.

PS - to anyone not there yet, having all of your kingdoms to level 10, and then pushing your POWER of the kingdom up to 2 stars plus becomes a must have if you want to see some amount of real usable resources come your way…

PSS… since kingdom POWER comes from quantity of STARS the kingdom has which comes from MINION LEVELS and TRAITS from that kingdom… you do not want to spend real to get VIP levels up too soon... if you do spend real before you have the larger quantity of minions, then those that come to you at pre-level 5 or pre-level 10 (from VIP perk) saving you souls to get those levels, but COST you in that you cannot get the easy boost to Kingdom Power from those VIP levels awarded per each minion… it’s a fundamental flaw in the mechanic of how Kingdom POWER is awarded / calculated. They need to change their mechanic to inlcude power calculations in those who earned minions AFTER getting the VIP boost, otherwise, the POWER increase of the Kingdom for early VIP players becomes a bit backwards… and frankly, becomes a punishment for spending real $ early to “support devs.”

I think people should really stop looking at TH and the Arena in terms of rewards and start looking at them in terms of fun… if you don’t enjoy them, you don’t have to play them, but they don’t really need much buffing. They’re modes I absolutely love to play. I despise PvP with all of my heart, the last update pushed me away from it. I know by not playing it any more I’m losing on all kind of rewards, but I’m enjoying the game lot more - and have been playing a lot more - now that I don’t have to worry about the weekly grind any more. Why do people only look at the time/reward side of things and completely omit the fun factor?

Also, I don’t see the big deal about soul rewards in the Arena. I’ve been playing it almost solely since it was released, and I have over 530k souls that are completely useless. I don’t even do the challenges, and never had the need for a soul farming team. All my souls came from the Arena rewards (though for a long time I played it with the Celestial Armour, but I’ve given it up months ago). They do add up quickly, especially since 8 Arena battles usually takes about 15/20 mn or so, depending on the type of line-up you drafted. Sometimes it will take over 25 mn, but that’s only if you’ve drafted more support units than anything. So you gather resources pretty quickly. Sure, it’s not as effective as soul farming with a Valkyrie line-up, but it’s also not as repetitive.

As for having more ways to play the Arena, we did have the Epic Arena at some point, and the devs said they intended to implement more mini-games. It’s been forever since we got news on that front, and obviously it won’t happen any time soon since they’ve been reworking other parts of the game, but we just have to be patient to see what else they might come up with. I’d like a game to earn glory points or targeted traitstones for instance.


@Archenassa well said, won’t argue with the fun factor. That needs to be paramount interest in no matter what they do.

I find it surprising that the current PVP is a grind to you and the Treasure Hunt game, is fun… at least in PvP, you come up against different opponents, can use different teams, and you are gaining gold at a decent rate, and though glory is there, it’s at a relatively slow rate though better than anything else in the game. As well, in PvP, if you are leveling up a class or looking to level up your account level, it contributes to both. In Treasure hunt… well, its the same game - you vs. the hourglass counter, and its all about rewards… and not many of them when you consider the time spent… it has to be the most repetitive events in the game, right? … and, what’s the harm in having an ‘auto loot’ button, like a slot machine that auto rolls in the Treasure hunt… say you got to get away from game… or something happens in real life you must tend with… or, you really just need the rewards and don’t want to invest the time in that mini-game, because you are still in the ramp up / progression mode… then why not at least give players the option to just auto roll the mini game, so those of us interested in the main game can get our rewards and get out? Do we need to play that repetition mini-loot game and go through the time sink, if we just want the rewards from maps we’ve generated elsewhere? Then… those who enjoy playing the treasure hunt game at whatever pace and challenge to get higher move counts… can. Seems reasonable that someone in a hurry, or who just wants to collect and bolt… can do that too.

Sealed nature and challenge of the Arena does have a different appeal to me. I like the idea and have spent plenty of time in it, especially prior to this account when I was playing on PS4 first. It might make me consider the use of troops I would not otherwise use, and it might reveal some combo I had not considered prior. I get that, and I enjoy that… however, for anyone aiming to improve, which this game holds as a constant carrot for new / mid levels… arena doesn’t offer enough to that type of player. If someone is just looking for a fun spin-off type of play, I get it… really do, it’s entertaining… but it seems like so much could be done with that - or… to your point, leave it and do other mini-games like it which would make those others both compelling as well as rewarding from time vested.

Anyway, very good to hear the thoughts from others playing longer than I. Also enjoy the discussion. Not sure what they have in store or when, but I look forward to it.

I’m going to add 2 items to my wish list:

  1. It woudl be nice to see the ‘banner’ each team is using, during the actual fight… maybe off to the sides of the two lists of teams since that space isn’t really used much (at least on Android)… I don’t know why, but I seem to regularly forget which banner colors they are looking for and at times, I forget which one’s my current team uses… it’s not a huge request, but more info is always handy.

  2. When dumping souls into troops, it would be really handy if you had some kind of slider to indicate how many souls you wanted to dump… vs. just doing one at a time and waiting for the graphic to tick over and over… Whether I’m just leveling up as normal, or spreading souls around between cities to increase the kingdom power… I just have wished for this little feature more times than I can count.

  3. If I’m ascending, why do I need to hit the arrow 5, 10, 25 or 50 times? Why not just let us hit “upgrade” and be done? On PS4, before I came to the steam side, I could push left bumper (left arrow) and it did just this - filled the ascend to cap required, and then one key to upgrade - done. Any time savings OUTSIDE of actual fighting to improve time in game, would be appreciated.

  1. Wish I could sell Treasure Maps I have well over 100 and never do them… gold pl0x.

  2. Stop loading and kicking me out after each challenge I do, it’s annoying.

  3. This is the most annoying one, STOP blinking that thing and bringing me to STATS in PVP , I will go there if I want my TIER rewards but it’s especially frustrating when all my TIER are done and u keep bringing me to STATS for every defeat/win like cmon I just want to mass invade you are wasting my time.

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Hi Archenassa, which change would made you come back playing PVP? :slight_smile:

Good question actually!

Not really, on a 2nd thought it must be about the variation is too low in PvP compared to arena. :stuck_out_tongue:

@illusion I noted in above list that I’d like an “auto roll” feature built into treasure maps, as I like you, don’t find that particular component a good use of my time. I don’t want just gold… if that’s all it was, I’d just resign myself to go through the maps every once in awhile when they build up, as I’d rather have the glory and gems… but, if they put in an auto roll button and slider for how many maps I wanted to roll for… I wouldn’t complain, and would be quite thankful.

Yeah, agreed… less loading screens and NOT dumping you out of challenge screens would be nice. I don’t mind getting dumped out when there’s loots to pick up from the hourly tick or my guild is working… but, I’d rather a notice about it available vs. getting dumped in either case.

LOL, so many people have mentioned the blinking and tier review screen… hopefully their listening!

Hey, none I think. I didn’t like PvP before anyway, now I just made it official because it turned to grinding mode. I don’t go gold/soul/traitstone farming simply because I don’t find it fun. To each their own. The day I’ll feel the need to grind is the day I’ll stop playing I think. :slight_smile:
I hate everything about PvP. Facing the same teams over and over again; units with absurdly big stats due to kingdoms bonuses and team composition to the point of being meaningless (most of my units are mythic and the stat difference is so barely noticeable, base rarity feels pretty arbitrary now); I hate traits - I really, really do, they seem to me to be randomly distributed, some of them feel OP as f***, some are useless, some traits combos makes an average unit awesome and some traits combos make good units feel average (we all remember the true shot craze for a reason); I’m sure there are other things to add but this is all the rambling that comes to mind right now. :smiley_cat:
I know most people play for the PvP only, but I just don’t think I’m the target audience for it. And I don’t feel hindered by being a PvP-less players. I’m level 1000, I’ve got almost all my units to mythic and the big majority of my kingdoms to level 5, I’ve contributed 11 million gold to my guild, I’ve got all the units (well, almost; I didn’t get Famine but I’ll be ok without it), I’ve got over 560k souls that I can’t find a use for, blah blah blah, so it’s not like I need the PvP tier rewards anyway, and I’ve always despised leaderboards tbh.
So to conclude, I’m sure a lot of players enjoy the new PvP mode (except for some blinking thingy apparently :stuck_out_tongue:) and I’m happy for them, and I’m also happy not to feel like I have to grind for a boring hour every Monday at reset any more. That was the only thing that felt like a chore, and it’s gone. I don’t need to get back into it. I’m happy to play GoW another way. :slight_smile:


It’s pretty cool that you can find a “complete” experience without needin to touch PvP. I know many people have asked for more modes like Arena and Treaure Hunt, and that the devs have expressed interest in doing this, so I’m hopeful they continue to roll out new ways to play and get a rewarding experience. (And I’m a PvPer.)


@Archenassa, good post. I agree and sympathize with the majority of what you said there actually. Though I do like the traits, I hate finding the trait stones!

I don’t mind the PvP, I like the idea of testing my teams vs. other peoples teams… but I think they could do more to make it fun, and less grindy for sure… or offer different versions or modes of the current PvP.

The ladder concept is meh for me too. I don’t play this game to compete against others, I play it for my own enjoyment, for collecting, for leveling, etc. I’m totally with you.

I play PvP for one reason mainly. It’s the quickest way to get gold. I play it to get the gold to level up the kingdoms and it contributes to my character classes I’m still leveling at the same time… and there’s a small amount of glory that comes my way… all handy. So from time, it’s a decent investment toward progress.

I prefer the quests. I would prefer some kind of additional mini-game team boss battles and the alike. I would prefer to not have to mess with PvP at all in most cases. I only have one kingdom to go to get to level 10, so we will see how much I play it after that… I’m hopeful my kingdoms will do the lionshare of the resource work, then I’ll focus on pushing up the power (souls and traits).

I would love to see more mini-games (like Arena) which is a great concept, but lacks rewards for time spent (to me) right now as compared to other elements.

You bring up a lot of good points, and fun should be the focus no matter what they add, and which direction they move… and the grind should never become mandatory… well said.

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What about a PvP mode called ‘Classic’ were there is no traits, and max level might be 15 for every troops? :slight_smile: So if one have troops already to L20, the game machine auto adjust all troops used to L15 for this mode.


I think that’s a brilliant idea… but that ladder system is a time sync as is… they need to work on that. I just made a seperate post on what I feel are my experiences with time and progression on the ladder. It’s in a seperate thread… however, I think you are on to something with “classic” as a change up for people that just cannot afford or do not have all the traits yet. I like that idea a lot actually.


Yeah, I actually think that this ‘Classic’ mode would had knocked out the currently ‘Casual’ mode in popularity… :slight_smile:


That’s a fine idea but honestly the Arena works perfectly well for me on that front: no traits, and everyone have troops at level 15, no matter whether they’re level 1000 or level 10. I don’t think we need another mode.

To be honest, I started dislking PvP when the bonus to troops came rolling, so that was months ago. Before that, I would change my invading line-up every week, trying new combos and having fun winning with stupid match-ups. That was the only part of the PvP enjoyment for me. Troops type/kingdom bonuses wrecked it all by making weird combos obsolete; the new bonuses not only were too good to pass up, but also made enemies’ line-ups more and more copy/pastas than before. They were supposed to open up to more varied line-ups (with the idea that people would have kingdom-only or unit type-only line-ups and pushing new strategies), but all we got was mostly a streamlined goblin party. I love goblins, I really really do, but that got tiring fast. And now, my weird/funny line-ups were well below average because they were missing out on all the new bonuses. So I ended up picking units I didn’t care about playing particularly, and rolled over everything, and I stopped having fun. I tried at first to keep creating my stupid decks, but they always felt super weak and playing them took a lot longer than before, so I gave up. I haven’t touched my line-ups since, I’m pretty sure if I ever went PvP again I’d still be stuck with my Monster Truck line-up, just because it had nice bonuses and was fast, and I’d be too lazy to figure out new fun combos. Before all the changed, creating a new weird line-up took me about 3 mn. After the changed, I realised I often spent over 15 mn switching between units to have some bonuses and I never felt happy about the results. When the new PvP launched, I tried a few battles with a stupid line-up that looked fun on paper and would have been fun before all the changes, I got matched against all the usual Maw/Mercy/IK combos, battles took forever, I got fed up and left.

But honestly, I don’t need a new PvP type. I really don’t. The Arena gives me everything I enjoy. I am matched against a big variety of line-ups, and I always find it satisfying to go 8-0 with a subpar line-up. A TON of units have been added recently, which make deck creation and opposition a lot more varied than before. My ADHD is very happy with it. :smiley: Some things could still be perfected - finding the weapon I want takes a while; status effects feel a bit too strong in the Arena (like Burning - I hate it so much…), but overall it fulfills my GoW needs.

But hey, Classic mode would probably be pretty fun in its own rights. :wink:


@Archenassa, good points. Curious, do you search for arcane traitsones at all, or do you just happen upon them either from TH or glory rewards weekly, as they come?

I ask because you mention repository of souls, but don’t care for the traits… so wondering if you generally ignore that aspect of the game or how you go about obtaining them if you do seek them out?

I also ask because I find obtaining traitstones, the higher end ones, but be some of the most grindy / frustrating points to this game… which I don’t care for either.