Possibly looking for a new guild before Monday

I tried joining a random guild using the in-game filters but depending on how many tasks and event rewards are finished inside of my current guild, I may be looking to transition to a different guild a few hours before the end of the day Sunday. I am currently around level 356 with all my kingdoms at level 10, though my power levels are still below 5. I can accumulate on average 500k-700k gold a week. I am looking for a guild that can complete all the tasks plus finish all the reward tiers in the guild events.

Thnx for reading! Also, I would be happy to answer any questions and/or share the troops that I currently own/ do not own upon request :slight_smile:

My invite code is VARIETYGAMER100_WVRP and my IGN is VarietyGamer100.

Good luck my m8

Vouch VG, GL

hola! ven conmigo estoy empezando un nuevo proyecto y necesito jugadores valientes :wink:

Are you on PC/Mobile? Also, how many trophies do you generate weekly approximately?

estoy wn ps4, soy nivel 1288, genero 400 trofeos

Sorry. I responded a little late but no I am not. Sorry

Error 404 is a chill nice gild. So tryit out! I have been a member fore ⁴⁹⁶ day