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Possible to See What's Skill-Boosted In Game?

I know on ashtender.com there’s a lot of skills listed like “Deal [5 + Magic] damage to first enemy”. Is there any way to see that in game? It’d make determining when to level up a troop a little easier (i.e. “I have 500 souls to spend, and boosting this one’s level will boost their attack, which will get more gems on a cast…”).


There is no easy way to view it in-game unfortunately. The main work around I can think of is to have a team bonus that gives +1 to Magic at 3 of a kind/kingdom and then just add your troop you’re wanting to look at in the fourth slot to get the +1 and see what changes.


Okay, that’s cool - at least I’m not just missing something then :slight_smile: