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Possible to make Polish translation for the game?

Hello there! My first topic, woah. :sweat_smile:

So I’ve been really enjoying the game for the past year or so but I do miss that there’s no Polish translation of the game available. Could we get someone on board and try to make one? I would love to volunteer as translator for this game. I’ve already translated newest Trackmania game into Polish language with few other people and would love to translate this one too! (With help of others, hah)

Cheers and have a nice day! :yum:

@Kafka , @Saltypatra

I can offer a free-of-charge volunteer help in transalting in-game text into Polish. OfC if there’s a will to launch another language Version.

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Nice to see someone that would like to help. Now we just wait for an anwser ^^

I think it is a bit complicated than that.
If they want to introduce a new language they have to hire a professional translator who speaks the desired language.
Even if you offer your help to translate the texts the company has to make sure that you keeps their best interest in heart. For quality control and for legal things they have to be sure you didn’t added profanities, racial slurs, sexual innuendos, other words which could cause trouble.
So every lines you translate must be double checked on their side.
Technical side of this, that a thorough testing must be done to ensure all texts display properly.
Polish has funny looking letters, or may have very long words for something which can not be displayed and so on.
So the localization file is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you very much for the offer! But it’s not that simple to take on a volunteer translator :frowning:

It’s unethical to take a volunteer on to do what is normally a paid position as well as a legal risk.

Volunteers typically aren’t obligated to perform duties - you would be as a translator. There would be deadlines, you’d be sent the work required and we’d need to be able to send you feedback to review it and have you do so.

Even if you do this work for free and we all call you a “volunteer”, legally you may be considered an employee - which means if we haven’t been paying you the appropriate award rate then we would be open to legal action.

Ultimately, we would love to add more language support for Gems of War in the future, and when/if we do we will be hiring a translator. We usually advertise these positions here on the forum so we can have someone who plays our game work for us that way they will understand the terms used and more of the context of the strings we send them :slight_smile:


Did you know that your publisher, 505 Games, publishes ‘Total Tank Simulator’ made by Polish developer ‘Noobz from Poland’?
I’m not saying it’s as simple as working with your publisher to help arrange a Polish translation, but it kind of is :thinking:

Or, if you were looking to hire a player for Polish translation, it just so happens that one of the top xbox bracket one guild wars player is Polish.

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What about beta testers? It is “work”’ that they do.

This part

The devs can ask nicely and the beta tester may do something. Or they can pack up and leave any time and do nothing and little will matter to either party. Beta testers produce no object code/asset that goes out with the game.

If you’re my only resource for putting out Polish translations of text, and I have release 5.3 going out next week, I would need you to produce results on time quick smart. If I tell you I don’t like your particular translation, you must redo it and find a phrase that is shorter, no arguments. If you’re sick, as a publisher I suddenly need a budget for what you’ve previously done out of goodwill (volunteer). You find a job and decide to stop translation, we now need a translator full time to replace you because the game now has a fixed debt to pay forever to translate to Polish with every new troop/release/campaign text etc. You slip in encoded hate speech (“Easter egg”) using the first letter of each word in a sentence - the company will be legally liable.

The two are incomparable.
And no, just because some people want to volunteer right here right now and have boatloads of goodwill, it still does not twitch the decision meter an iota.


My last post above was a reply, but somehow it’s dropped the reply to callout thingy.

Yeah, I get it. I was on break and bored. Trying to get you guys a pay check lol.

We choose to have beta testers who choose to opt in and even if we give them access to the beta server, they’re under no obligation to ever download or play it, and even if they do play it, they’re under no obligation to provide feedback or report bugs.

It’s a nice way for us to give some players a sneak peak at upcoming updates, a little more insight into the development process and get some player feedback before the update goes live.

We have paid QA testers for the actual bug testing - that’s not what beta testers are for, although we’re obviously grateful for any and all contributions the beta testers make to help us make a great game. Beta testing isn’t a full time position being taken away from any past, present or potential employees.

Just to let you know Kafka - if you even plan on releasing game in polish, your transaltor should be at least a gamer (if not a pc gamer, than RPG gamer), that knows gaming context… there are many ways English can be translated to Polish creating a nosence sentence (google transalte is best example- even though it’s engine is very good, it fails while transalting whole sentences into Polish - usually it produces gibberish). I’ve also seen some brainless transaltions of English into Polish and the other way, made by human beings, but made by people who weren’t working in industry where they were doing translation.

And ofc, if you ever be hiring. I’m willing to pass my application.



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