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Possible multiple login bonuses (Xbox One)

Playing on the Xbox one. Possible, perceived bug. I’ve been too interested in just opening the game and playing to stop and think about it. When I log in, I receive my daily bonuses, key, gold/guild bonus, glory… It seems if I start something else (ex. netflix, another game etc.) I’m forced to quit GoW and relog otherwise it won’t function properly (not the issue), the game will then re-acknowledge my login bonuses. I’m not sure if it’s actually giving bonuses multiple times or not. I will check again tomorrow when they proc to be sure, as it happens everyday.

It’s unlike that you’re receiving multiple bonuses, and much more likely that it’s a UI issue. That said, please let us know if you ARE receiving multiple bonuses, as that’s clearly not how it’s supposed to work.

Thanks for letting us know!

(Also, I moved this thread to the Console Support area.)