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Possible matchmaking error due to event bonuses

One of my principal invade teams uses Treant as its tank. Last week Treant got 25% stat bonus for being Fey, and the team’s overall rating went up close to 1000 points, somewhere in the 95xx range. This week, no event bonuses of any kind for this team, and yet the rating is still 1000 points higher than it was, currently at 9574. Is this an oops, i.e. someone forgot to recalculate when the event changes, or do team ratings simply never go down?

I’m getting paired against teams this week with stat bonuses from this week’s event, which is fine in and of itself since I just whup them anyway. But somehow I don’t think the matches are quite as intended…

As far as we’re aware event bonuses don’t affect team power. What does is Guild Statue bonuses, so it’s possibly you have them currently active?

No, event bonuses are supposed to affect team power. I was hoping a dev would see this thread and reply.