Positive Subject: Troops we love anew thanks to GW

Let’s share our Troop love!

Guild Wars, with the colour bonus, is suppose to make us dust-off some troops that we had maybe forgotten or underused.

So, let’s share our “rediscovery” of our unsung GW heroes!

I’ll go first:

1- Gloom Leaf: He’s impervious, and thorny! I’ve enjoyed him a lot on red day, even with the too-high spell cost.

2- Astral Spirit: Once you get familiar with her, she is a great Troop. Damage, board control and colour removal. Empowered too, and fast filling.

Go ahead and share.


I’ve been using Dust Devil a lot on Yellow Day for its ability to knock Psion or DeathKnight to the back of the bus. And Abynissia was considered one of the worst Mythics before Guild Wars, now she’s almost a must-have three out of the six days.


Mine are TSO and leet

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Boar Rider. Absolutely amazing. Damage, board control, extra turn, works with Forest Guardian.

Scarlett. My favorite non meta troop in the game. She hits pretty hard on her own but against beasts, usually means 1 shot to dead. She’s why I don’t mind Kerberos as a beast cause nothing gets rid of Kerberos so easily (outside of devour troops).


Who knew Dark Maiden could be so useful on a red day. I usually put her on top.
Transform yellow gems to chosen colour, give 19 life to 1st ally boosted by gems transformed.
Traits - Inflict web at skull damage. All enemies lose 2 random skill points.
Thats a lot of bang for 10 mana.

Then there’s little yellow Chupacabra. Drop 2 of these cheeky STEALTHY monsters on top of your yellow imperv team against the ‘beastly’ kerb, spider, fg, kerb.
Cost only 9 mana
Do double damage against beasts = 42+
Double skull damage against beasts = 60+
10% chance to devour beasts. Yum.


Abynissia - already mentioned but she’s gone from the worst mythic to one of the best.

Gloom leaf, Carnex, plague, behemoth. Impervious laughs at Kerberos.

Dark maiden. Nature link, colour conversion, webs on skull damage AND buffs herself (if in first place)? Yes please!

Khorvash. I got bored of using him in pvp but he is so useful.

Jotnar. Sometimes you gotta get those barriers in.

Goblins. Not the most powerful, but most of them combine some form of board control with an extra turn.


cockatrice on brown days :slight_smile:


****atrice! definitely him on brown day. bad on yellow day though especially vs famine.

snowy owl

Dark maiden

Lots of Dark Maiden love so far.

Yup i use her on my green team

Time to get her nerfed I say!
On a more serious note, I think if Web got some love, she’ be perfect.

Been mentioned already but +++ to Boar Rider. The amount of board arrangement you can do is ridiculous.

For instance on green day I’ll use him to set up a 4-match, then use Sylvanimora to more or less permanently entangle the first enemy. Or with the Purple/Green banner, if you can set up a 5-match of his color you instantly charge him and do it again. All while smacking down the first enemy over and over. Toss Dark Maiden in there and you can keep juggling for a long time.


Abynissia as mentioned, as well as Elemaugrim. The latter just has a lot of things going for him, very strong defensively between Impervious and reducing attack - that being said, I use two of them, so the attack drops fast.

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Most of the base mythic lineup. I have to go out of my way to use them in regular PvP unless I’m trying to intentionally make the game more difficult or slower.

Dark Maiden for sure. Dark Troll with Void Portal occasionally on red days.

My low level makes great use of War Sphinx and Corrupt Sorceress. They are still good in certain guild wars teams, but they color conflict with stuff I’d rather use most of the time. Corrupt Sorc. is still one of two warded summoners (and the other one is terrible, plus uses colors where there are much much better options) and War Sphinx is Impervious and has potential to swing a board with good colors but terrible layout back in your favor.

I’ll also rarely take an empowered troop, not to use them right away, but as front line fodder so I can fill my second slot converter and take control more quickly without exposing them to skulls and famine (not versus psion obviously). Laima or Ettin, for example.

Nyx, Draakulis, Pharos-Ra, Molock, DRACOS and Dark Maiden is just a few of my loveable GW troops!


Dark maiden, webspinner, abynissia and moloch.
Plus a shout out for Aurai and his gw troop friends.

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Dark Maiden, Raven, Gloom Leaf, Terraxis, Moloch and Draakulis are some of the troops I had never used in PVP before GW began… :slight_smile:


Nice to see some excitement over GW unique troop teams :slight_smile:

On Blue, a group of troops I’ve never used singularly before and loving:-

Ice Golem
Lady Anariel
Queen Ysabelle

Ysabelle can be swapped nicely with Mab but makes for more fun otherwise :smile:

Pretty much any impervious troop because Kerberos everywhere. Followed by my own Famine because Famine everywhere. I seriously never used Famine until GW, and I had two copies for a while.