Portrait on PS4 not available

I See that on PC by flash offer but what is by PS4? We do not have that.

The flash offer was hidden on PC. I had to click on the Obsidius one to find the sub offer of Day of the dead portait being offered on Cinco De Mayo weekend. Are you sure it wasn’t offered on PS4?

nope never :pensive:

PS4 doesn’t have flash offers, this I believe is because of Sony not IP2.

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Oh, another collectors thing they ruined. Great.

Ps4 suck everyone should buy xbox and we could all play together :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. I have both @Rickygervais my Xbox collects dust generally lol.

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I know it’s a little off topic, but if they could change the description to something like “Unlock with Purchase” it may have helped with where to go looking for it.
When I see “Event” I think it’s something you play to get.