Pop-up "Your topic is similar to" buggy

  1. When this pop-up appears, the “X” [close] and the down arrow [hide pane] do not work. Sometimes.
    This is in Windows 10, Firefox. Multiple builds, this bug is not new.

I think this happens when the screen size is not full screen and there is some kind of error (perhaps a rounding error) in the placement of the buttons.

It seems that when I go to full screen, both buttons work. I don’t usually do that workaround, I usually just don’t preview my post.

  1. The “your topic is similar to” algorithm is terrible. [see screenshot]
    The pop-ups are annoying and make it difficult to post.
    Of course that wouldn’t be a big deal if the CONSTANT pop-ups could be reliably closed and wouldn’t just keep re-appearing over and over.

One possible improvement for the algorithm could be to weight the Forum categories.
If I’m posting in Support and someone is posting in Guild…how likely is it that these are the same topics? Close to 0%

  1. Due to a combination of #1 and #2 I don’t even read the pop-up anymore.
    (Also it’s a pop-up which our brains are trained to ignore :slight_smile:)

I see similar posts on the forums all the time.
So IMO if it’s not working (one way or another), you could probably cut it back or eliminate it.

Edit: Oops here’s the screenshot
These topics are not even remotely similar