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Hellow Everyone … Actuall position its 700+ and we play with my friend … 2/22 ;/ we looking for new player’s on XBOX ONE … not PC, not PS4 … but XBOX one :D!!!

if Someone are intrested to invite … write under post your Invite Code :slight_smile:

PS. We have a lot of alkohol and girls :smiley: Enjoy !!:slight_smile:

We w8 for u ! :slight_smile:

We have only one requirements … u need to log in game on 24h and make + / - 20 trophy per day :wink:

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srly ?? cmon guys … we are now 3/22 : (

it’s very hard to find people here.
If you find nobody you’re welcome in my guild (110 rank).
Good luck.

I’d be surprised if you found a single person to join your guild from here. Xbox One is the least active of all the platforms, by a quite a margin. Yet it has hundreds upon hundreds of guilds that have completely saturated the guild market. You(and any other player really) would be better off just joining a random guild with 20 or 25+ members. Out of the top 25 guilds, maybe 5 actually have more than 15 active players. Hell, the rank 4 guild(40 strong) is completely dead now. It used to be #1 then poof, almost all 30 people never logged in again. The people that come on forums are generally the more dedicated/long term players that are looking for top guilds. Once you hit level 100, you can join any guild on the One as that is the highest anyone would dare set their level join req. I’m in the #1 guild and our join req level is only 70. With spots opening up every days as people quit guilds on the One like it was a hobby.

cmon :smiley: we are almost 200 rank with 3 ppl >.< ,anyone lookig for guild? :slight_smile:

lepiej dobijcie do Birch Teamu :slight_smile:Przynajmniej bedziecie dostawać konkretne ilości kluczy i diamentów. Oczywiście przy waszym uczciwym wkładzie :slight_smile:

Can I join your guild? I’m level 81 but dedicated. Invite code
I dont want to name him_KUMP

Join birch bis. If You are worthy it is the simpliest way to join one of the strong guilds, i mean birch team :slight_smile:

Here you are

Not my member. You are mistaken. Let’s keep this a recruitment thread.

Emsiak ciągle sam pchasz polskich alkoholików?

nie, jest nas juz 4 :slight_smile:

duzy wklad zrobilem w ten klan i powiem ci ze ciezko mi to zostawic :smiley: ,
jak cie znalesc na xboksie?:stuck_out_tongue:

Domasso1975 :slight_smile:
Jak masz dobrze punktujacych to zawsze mogą się zabrać z Tobą. Ja urzęduje obecnie w Birch Team BIS. 4 gracz na rankingu jest od nas