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Poll: Which things (still) cause health issues?

Multiple choice poll for those who had/have health issues of any kind (headaches, vision problems, no matter what). Open also to console users, not just PC/Mobile like the category says.

Which of these things (still) bother you?

(This is to find out what things can be declared fixed (enough) and which can’t, since the devs stated, for example, that they consider their changes to the visibility of the board sufficient.)

  • Semi-transparent board
  • Sidescrolling after battle/mail
  • Text readability (borders, menus)
  • Number readability (battle)
  • Trait visibility (battle)
  • Particle effect amount
  • Particle effect brightness
  • Status effect visibility (during stacked effects)
  • Status effect brightness
  • Rarity recognition (border colors/design)
  • UI color contrast
  • Other (please post)
  • I’m fine with everything now

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Please note that this poll is not meant as a poll for aesthetics. For example if you think the UI colors are too gothic, but you have no health issues from them, please don’t vote for UI color contrast. If the contrast of black and white gives you a headache, though, then vote.

I have split particles and status effects into two parts since I feel like amount and brightness are two different problems and not everyone might be bothered by both - maybe someone likes the amount of particles, but only the brightness gives them a headache.

Some things, like the rarity recognition, are obviously for certain kinds of users (those colorblind). I wanted to put everything in there, though.

All options are referring to the current design of the UI, not past ones.


Not sure the TURN indicator where it will fall but the Fireworks need to go.

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I’m not having any health issues or discomfort playing the game right now (my issues with the UI are strictly with functionality - status effects and readability mostly) so I haven’t voted in the poll.

I really feel for what you’re going through and hope that the devs can help address some of these issues and make the game playable for you again.

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I should note that all of the things that I voted for are only really a health issue for me after prolonged play, or when I really need to focus in on what I am doing. I know they can all be potential migraine triggers for me, so I limit my play sessions even more than I usually would and trend toward “autopilot” teams that can win without needing to know things like the state of the board, how much damage is dealt, or status effects inflicted, because the more I need to focus on my play, the faster I feel ill effects. This is a stopgap solution for me, since I prefer to not go full autopilot, however, thus far, the worse I have felt is mild nausea, and I’d like to keep it that way.

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I’ve been playing this game for over three years. In recent weeks it’s started to give me blurred / occluded vision after prolonged play, which I never had before.

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I may have not the good medical term, i’m not English native.

Since last update and particle effects apparition, i have problem with my eyes. A kind of persistent dot in the left eye. And the impression my ocular nerves made some loops in the head. I can’t play for more than 20 min in a row now, while i could chain way more before.

And i was also playing in the bed with low or no light in the room. I totally avoid this now, because the glittering effect are too important, even with a screen filter. So i lose 2 or 3 hours of playing by week since that update just for this.

So, without any improvement, i don’t know if i can stay long. If i was not in a good guild with kind people I don’t want to deceive, i would have already stopped.
I know devs consider what are not enough people with problem to revert the thing. That “not enough people” fraction of players don’t thank them of that irresponsibility.

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If there was one change I really want it would be to remove so the background dont shine through the board. I must be honest, I wonder howcome this was not changed in the latest patch…

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Treasure hunt is terribly hard to play and I’m pretty resilient with the new effects, it’s the see through board and all the brown. Also using dawnbringer brings up 4 flashing barriers which I find very distracting and quite annoying.

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You know you can influence what background shows during TH, right? At least that’s how it was before the recent patch; I haven’t done anything since then. Before the recent patch, you got the background you last have seen. So exploring in Blighted Lands would give you that background, then going to the shop would switch it to the shop background. If it’s the first thing you do after logging in, I believe you get the background of your home kingdom. I used that to manipulate treasure hunt visibility. No idea how it’s after the fireworks update, though.


I’ll try that. Sounds like a good idea.