Poll: Which Kingdom are you waiting to host a weekly event?

  • Forest of Thorns
  • Ghulvania
  • Grosh-Nak
  • Karakoth
  • Khaziel
  • Khetar
  • Maugrim Woods
  • Mist of Scales
  • Pan’s Vale
  • Pridelands
  • Sword’s Edge
  • Whitehelm
  • Wild Plains
  • Zaejin
  • Zhul’kari

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Kingdoms that have had an event since 1.0.8 deliberately excluded from this poll.


Either Khetar or Khaziel needs a kingdom name change. That should coincide with the event. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? Methinks they’re fine…


I’m level 521 and I am still missing Crimson Bat…

I’d like to burn some event keys to see if I can get him… :slightly_smiling:

Adana, an old kingdom with only 7 troops …

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I put Mist Of Scales for the same reason…

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I like how no one kingdom has the majority. I think it is split 3 ways between the people that want a certain traitstone, the people that want a 9th troop for an easy level 5 kingdom, and the people that want all kingdoms to have at least 8 troops. xD


How can people NOT pick Karakoth? Double Magic Stat, zomg.

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These poll results are terribly misleading. 12 votes and we have a couple kingdoms with 1%… oh yeah? Really? No.

At any rate I picked a kingdom that has never received an event troop…

Having watched the votes come in, it appears that to make sure it always adds to 100%, one or two kingdoms on 0 votes (or presumably the lowest votes if every option has at least 1) get given 1% temporarily.

I voted Khetar, but really it’s tied with Zhul’Kari, main reason being that of the four legendaries I’m missing, those are the two I really, really want, and I’m saving my Event Keys till one of those pops up!

Depends what event we are talking about.
If we talk about a new weapon, if it’s in a Kingdom where I miss a legendary, why not.
If we talk about a new troop, then it’s either a kingdom with 7 troop or Karakoth, aiming for power level 5.
Well, Khetar is fine too, I want the Traistones for Karakoth’s legendary…

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i was going to go stormhiem or adana but it was excluded and i did not get the trait stone for them. i need the stoic and summer traitstone and i missed that event.

How is Zaejin winning this poll? The next troop there will probably give infinite extra turns and instant kill to Gob-Chomper. Whatever the troop is, it will likely just bring back some form of +10 HP team. A knight, beast, or construct added to that kingdom would be even more annoying than a new marauder.

Seems many people love their goblins… though you only need to venture into PVP (where about 1/3 of my matches are still goblins…) to know that…

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Yeah people want to further upgrade their gob defenses. Besides I completely agree with @zelarith comment :slightly_smiling:

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It must be you high level players who have the majority of Goblin defense teams… the few times I get matched with 400+ players, I’d say half have goblin teams (which admittedly is not a lot since that rarely happens). Players more around my level have a lot more variety.

Which seems ironic? counterintuitive? Since you’d think high level players (in general) would have more legends/epics/greater card pool and be willing to field different teams.

And if Zaejin is winning this poll and in the other poll that was asking the level of players on the forums where the majority (last I read about) was high level players, that kind of confirms it… not necessarily reading into “High level players want Zaejin = High level players must be playing goblins”, but the indirect evidence seems to lead to it…

I don’t have firm evidence but I think (from memory) it’s opponents from 200 to say 600 where I see the Goblins… the highest level players seem to field either Dragons or TrueShot teams on defence…

I’m gonna start keeping track next week… especially since starting this week, I started getting matched with 400+ players - before that, the highest was in the 300s.

I change my defend team every couple of days pretty much. There are people I face that haven’t changed their team since 1.0.5 based on seeing exact teams from old metas with minimal to no new features on them.

Also, I find the majority of 200-600 to: pretty much always have Bone Dragon or Skeleton, lead with true shot, have a mana dependent hero weapon that spawns a lot of gems (level 500+), or all dragons.