POLL: what's your favourite frustrating situation?


I apologise if a similar poll has been already posted.
Gems of war is a fantastic game and like all good games, it offers a wide range of emotions, from satisfaction to frustration. So what’s your favourite frustrating situation?

  • The Dragon Soul respawning and wiping your team out
  • Justice League doing their dance
  • Defender’s Famine filling up when you’re about to draw the final blow
  • Infernal King respawning
  • Death killing most of your team at the second round
  • Starting GW with the wrong colour team
  • Queen Mab, in general

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On that list, Famine filling at the last moment is my least favorite frustrating moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it weird that I find none of these things as frustrating as Goblins, Humility/Humility/Anariel/Plague, Psion or Spirit Fox? I suppose out of the ones, Famine is the most annoying, though. But I personally think Plague is a million times worse than Famine. Famine is not impervious.


It’s not on your list but get a lost in GW when you won is my most frustating situation


Ah Goblins! I still remember the Fizzbang galore, some months ago. That ached! They’re bothering indeed anyway. About the Humility/Anariel/Plague, there’s a good counter that works very well: Maw/Mercy/Infernal King/Sheggra. Maw devouring Anariel asap.


True enough, but that doesn’t help very much in GW when you need a specifically colored team.

  • 5 match for AI from cascades out of nothing.
  • Trying to devour with Maw, the only impervius troop in enemy team


It’s not in the list, but the out-of-nowhere skull matches leading to Psion ruining a game would be mine, it’s crazy how often it seems to happen to me :sweat:


Mine is similar - trying to mana drain a stealthy troop (like Princess Fizzbang) with Spirit Fox or Manticore. I always seem to forget that she’s stealthy and can’t be targeted.


I’m not understand why this poll is missing the “Salty being a troll,” option.


Because forest troll is more annoying on kraken teams.


serious answer*

I like to play a princess elsepheth (sp?) bombot mech-hero team for dungeons, last battle is Awesome and random!


DawnBringer in Arena.


I hear you. I haven’t played Arena since Dawnbringer arrived.


You forgot to put in poll, gw win counting as a loss.

Very frustrating.


I see that now, but it never happened to me. It must be really annoying.