Poll. Should Hoard Treasure be Considered Troops?

Should Hoard Treasure be Considered Troops?

Yes. i want to fight with them, ascend/level/trait them, collect them all, and climb the leader-boards with them!
No. These are clearly currency and should not take up space in my troop menu.

  • Yes
  • No

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I picked “Yes”, but I want to clarify my answer.

I would like to be able to have some way of obtaining Treasure troops (level them up, trait them, etc) and keep them.

The way they do it now is stupid. It’s not worth putting anything into a troop that you will lose in 5 minutes.

Maybe they could do it where the Treasure itself comes from the Underworld, but the Troops come from the main world (in a gold chest or whatever) and in that little description box it says something like “This [Troop name here] is based upon the riches/treasures of the Underworld”.

It’s just an idea, but either way, the system they have now is flawed. They either shouldn’t have them be troops at all, or make the troop a separate thing from the treasure itself and the only connection they have it’s purely for story purposes (similar to what I mentioned above).


Same i would like to keep them like we do with the raven and the gnome. It make no sense to sacrifice a troop for the treasure

It’s a very bad design decision imo


Have I been leveling them up, traiting them, and then sacrifice. Has that just been a waste of stones and souls?

No next time you catch one it will be leveled and traited like you did


Awesome news, Thanks!

I would rather these troops be removed completely as troops if that’s what it takes. They are stupid, gimmick troops that nobody would ever use. At least the other vault troops have maybe a purpose and are at least unique in their spells and traits. These treasure “troops” are all literally exactly the same useless copy of each other apart from the troop art. Lazy. Just lazy and stupid design not to mention having to sacrifice them.

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Also I think the yes/no options should be:

Yes. I like the way they are now.
No. They either need to be removed as troops or separated from being treasures.

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I still can’t follow how this is any different from Peasants. Peasants are worth souls and nothing else. Many troops are that way, and yet everyone ascends and levels and traits them.

You might say you do it for the Kingdom Power.

Once you have the power, do you disenchant them all? No.

In which Zepp reveals himself to be a high-ranking member of the Imperium of Man.


Disenchanted all unwanted troops would be very unwise thing to do, as Kingdom power might even go down because you no longer fit the requirements (or it won’t? I’m not sure)

I make that mistake in a first month of playing. I only keeping the troops I actually use, disenchanted all the ones I won’t use or don’t like the artwork, keeping some with favorite artwork. Untill I learn every troops and asension serves a big purpose in Kingdom star and overall game progression. So I stop disenchant anything except copies beyond 4 Mythic.

The reason players want to keep the troop cards might be even more simplier: Collection purpose. No collector would try to find new stuffs for their collection, only to get rid of it immediately. So I feel like losing the Treasures from collection everytime you use them in Hoard is quiet a strange choice.

I have better idea. How about keep them but you still get to use for treasure. Kind of like empty their loot of save their loot but keep all copies.

I have the suspicion (and I didn’t play the beta, this is just speculation) that they made them troops so they can be awarded through the event shop system (buy tiers, get sigils + event-related troops)…

As someone who was (until this patch) aiming for a full collection I really dislike it, but unless they’re willing to spend time and effort adapting the event shop system to award something other than troops I doubt we’ll see this changed :confused:

Also, don’t you dare disrespecting Lord Peasant ever again!!

If you even try it next time, he will bring King Bloodhammer with him and exploded the whole board in your face with his mighty pitchfork!

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While I do loves me some peasant…especially with a good BBQ sauce…Bloodhammer’s reign of terror has ended. His puny Doomskulls have felt the nerf bat until they simply cower waiting at my whim.

Said my piece on this before. Treasure as troops: silly, confusing, unnecessary…



I see a noob trap here. Worth a bump. @Saltypatra get someone on changing this, please … before someone ascends these for no reason…


At least they use the most useless traitstones around…

I unlock the traits on the treasures if a task asks for it. :sweat_smile:


Happened again just now - someone asked me if the treasure got anything useful done by ascending.

It makes me want to claw my eyes out.

Its such a bad design to have these be represented as troops. The mere fact that people so easily think there’s a point to tinkering with them, when there’s not, shows just how bad a design that is.