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Pokemon Go friends for GoW

For those who are having trouble finding rl friends in Pokemon Go and has a bunch of NON-DELETE-ABLE gifts piling up… Please share your Trainer Code here and let’s add each other.

Mine: 1004 1330 6883


Really? Cool. I love that idea. Honestly, I’m pretty active on here and know a lot of you guys. It would be pretty cool to have some of you in Pokemon Go.

I’ll look for my Trainer Code in a minute.

Edit: My Trainer Code is 8287 8932 8056

As you can see, I’m also JonathanStriker in PoGo as well


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Hell yes, let me in lol.

8396 0631 2015


Sure, why not.

2486 4631 9118


Me too… Screenshot_20180623-021834
(sending reqs to all of the above now)


I live in Chicago and am going to the fest! Count me in!

My name is the same as on here…3487 2934 0751


7136 0548 8224

And my kids is
4680 7684 9015

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My apologies for the Necro, but a lot of you guys from here have been adding me and I appreciate it. I was hoping that maybe some of you could add a good friend of mine. There aren’t many people in our area that still play and now with gifts being able to give stardust (receiving) and xp (giving), even if you can’t trade with a player, they’re still quite helpful and he could really use it. Thank you in advance.


Edit: Trainer Code is 6349 6526 3211

(^I did that so it’s easier to copy & paste^)

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Done :+1:t2: can everyone also please add my son? His is 2322 1628 9984 IMG-20180622-WA0004

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