Pokemon ball for 50$


Limit 1? Damn i wanted to buy it 10x


Ooh would you look at that, Xbox gets a better deal than PC/Mobile. Our version comes with 105 Green Pet Food for the same price :stuck_out_tongue:

However, ours only gives 125 VIP Points lol. (VIP value of $25)

I hope nobody on Xbox needed VIP points, or actually plans on buying this.


what about PS4?

Ps4 won’t have the opportunity to waste 50$ on a shitty pet, they should be grateful

Ooh, and today’s payday too…eff bills, get pets


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I guarantee you some will buy this. It won’t be me but someone will. Mark my words :sunglasses:

This is the beginning of the end folks. It only gets worse and worse from here.


Not that the devs will ever see this because they don’t care anymore but £40!? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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You don’t need to buy anytning at all. The Store was designed for people who are using money as their toilet paper.


The android pet (and I assume the pokeball?) have been there for a couple of months now (2-3+ months)… Nothing new lol. Just ignore it (like the avatar packs for example), unless you’re a compulsive completionist.

And the price is actually pretty fitting. Screw the pet, there’s 8 vip keys in it. If you buy 8 vip key minipacks (1 key/pack) is almost more expensive…

Now that you say it, i might be tempted to buy it. Such a nice bargain…

Someone on Xbox bought it but I’m not going to mention names.