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Points for reward milestones scale with guild size

this event needs 80 points for the first reward easy for a full-size guild but might be more tricky for a smaller guild so a guild with ten or fewer people would say only need 40 points. a guild with 11-20 people would need to get say 60 points and 21-30 would need the full 80 points and it would go on for the rest of the rewards this way smaller guilds would have the same chance at getting higher reward tiers as the larger guilds

Why reward small guilds in this way? Guilds are supposed to be 30 strong. Completing events is one catalyst for making two mid-size guilds combine into one fully-fledged one, to de-clutter the brackets and rankings etc…

I also foresee this incentivizing 1-(wo)man guilds. No bueno :-1: