Plush pets with codes

What if there was plush pets of the pets in game with cool codes that we could use in game to either get newer troops or items. The plush pets would be like the exact ones in gems of war. I know it will cost money but you would have a cuddly plush of your in game pet in real life to keep forever.

Maybe it’s just the usual negative mood caused by an update or the grind of an above average horrible week, but I don’t see this working.

As a permanent production and offer, it would require too much of running costs, so it would have to be a one-time or recurring event, possibly through some crowdfunding.
That requires a certain amount of players, who are passionate about the game at a given time.
This game kills passion, along with most other positive emotions. Even heavy players, who put large amounts of money into it, do so out of habit and self-hatred after a while. Getting a physical reminder for it would be like buying tobacco merchandise (though I admit, there are some cool Camel plushies).

A few players might be interested in the offer, but not enough to make it profitable to branch out in this direction, even for once.

Oh, and maybe more importantly, I don’t know if 505 even has the rights to use the troop designs for outgame purposes.