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Please, unlock level 10 000

Would be nice to still be able to gain mana mastery in another way than guild tasks.

after lvl 1000 then 1 mana mastery gained each 10 lvls or each 50 lvls only.

and 10k gems special award for reaching lvl 10 000. :wink:

wow still need 700 lvl just for 1000 xD They should wait a bit ;D

There has been a bug on console that has been present far too long, that increases the XP gains among other things. Hopefully it will be addressed when the next “unannounced” and undocumented patch gets released “soonish”. :wink:

ah really? well as XP is for me now useless, i have not noticed. but why you would have this fixed?? if it really happen, its a cool thing no? lol

i’ve heard hints at the lvl cap being raised in 2.1 i hope i can be lvl 1million!

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well it took me 6 months for 1 to 1000 so it would take me 500 years to reach lvl 1 million…

why have it be easily reachable?i’ve been lvl 1000 for a year and theyve still yet to raise the cap :grin:

its because you didnt ask them to raise cap! well game was not on consoles 1 year ago so you had unfair advantage lol. the question is more how many days needed to go from 1 to 1000. :wink: 10 000 is good number, its more to still have a sense of progress and gain mana mastery than really reaching 10 000 that i would like to see the lvl cap raised.

Hi Tech,

We are looking into raising the level cap from 1000.
[quote=“Truxton, post:8, topic:10867”]
its because you didnt ask them to raise cap!

from nimhain a year ago xD

I hope they ll do it, even if theres no more bonus like 1 more attack, magic, etc… or no mana mastery.
Theres a ranking for guilds so why not for players.

2.1 update will do it. :smile:

But why would you need 10k gems on level 10000. You will probably need about a million people fights to gain that level (and no I’m not saying 1.000.000 fights just to put some big number it’s probably that much and maybe even higher).
They did say it will get harder and harder ton level up after 1000.

stupid it took 7 Months to get Level 1000 so Level 10000 of course

(had 12000~ Matches + Arena for Level 1000 )

i bet he isnt even Level 1000 good Guilds get 10000 Gems in 1 Months and you would need like 7-8 Years to get Level 10000 . Worst Reward ever

I dont know what you both means with this 10k gem thing, sorry. English not my 1st language. I just find it funny they will do the same lvl number i was requesting… the 10 000 cap have no importance for me, with my request, i simply wanted unlimited lvl to make a ranking between players.
It took me 6 months to go to 1000. from mid january to mid july of this year.

edit: ahh yeah my little joke on my 1st post about 10k gem…i get it now

yes i am lvl 1000 and faster than you. and the 10k gem was a simple joke, thats why I added this sign: :wink:

Have a nice day

iam Leader from Rank 1 Guild Ps4 if i wouldnt had to recruite/ talk to everyone all the time i would have been faster too. But iam still third Level 1000 on Ps4 .

just say Level 10000 is crap perhaps 1100 but not 10000

yeah same prob for me as I am leader of rank 1 guild on xbox.

1100 would make no sense imo because too easy to reach… i said 10 000 but it was not for effectively reaching this 10 000, it was simply to have an easy ranking method between players and also for adding a little motivation once at 1000.