Please separate out GW Battle Logs from PVP Battle Logs & stop showing PVP defense team when GWing

Seriously, this is annoying.

I finish my PVP work early on in the week so I don’t have to deal with all those losses over then next 5 days as I worry and work on GW.

HOWEVER because GW somehow decided to connect the two in Battle logs, your PVP defense teams are presented during the time you do your GW battles in PVP to battle…

I think this is a very bad decision to create artificial losses for the person on the PVP rank, when in fact they are not doing PVP - but GW. It is already painful loosing in PVP but to add insult to injury to ‘trigger’ the PVP defense teams to show up in PVP options just seems double damage.

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so you dont like when you lose in GW because it says you lose in pvp? your prob the first person that has an issue with this since you get revenge battles.

also on monday you can go thru and set a certain team for GW defense as far as i have seen they dont change unless you change them

I don’t care if they count for/against us in our weekly PVP ranking but allow us to see a battle log of just our GW defenses instead of mixing them together with the standard PVP battle log.

No that is not what I am asking

I don’t want my defense teams to show up to be played against when I am not doing PVP - as the process states - your defense team will not show up if you haven’t played PVP for 24 hours.

Problem is - GW is creating something that is triggering the PVP Defense team to be available to be played against which impacts my stats.

I used to play PVP daily, but with Guild Wars, I don’t have the bandwidth to do both now every day. Sunday night switch over and Monday is now PVP day for me so I can focus on GW the rest of the week.

And yes the logs are getting hard to determine which are PVP and which are GW.

ok im understanding it a lil more but how are your stats being impacted? assuming negatively

The win/loss ratio is based around your activity. If you’re not active your loss (which is predominate in the defense teams) is much lower.

When you are active - the number of opponents will increase that loss but that’s expected. And then when you stop being active in PVP within 24 hours your defense team is not presented in one of the three PVP slots.

This may be intentional. Sirrian has said two things about PVP and GW recently:

  • GW battles count as PVP in every way, and
  • the pool of PVP opponents will be increasing.

It is possible that the reason for point #2 is that everyone playing GW stays “active” for PVP matchups, which increases the number of opponents in the active pool. This, in turn, leads to point #2 being true since previously only the hardcore PVPers would be active by Friday or Saturday.