Please return traits icons

There’s a lot of negativity towards new cards design. I understand that asking for reverting it back is useless.
Since, I’m asking to return at least traits icons.

  1. These new “diamonds” hide the text for troop types.
  2. It is vital to see traits while in battle. This new design makes players to check each card to know their traits.

I actually don’t think the old trait icons are helpful at all, and I still think they need to be reverted. Why is “number of traits unlocked” the most prominent piece of information on a troop card in battle? Not even anything about what those traits are, it’s literally “I have 2 traits unlocked” and nothing else.


As someone who still likes to use a Slayer team a lot in E12, not being able to instantly see troops that are fireproof is a pain. Yes, I play enough to know them all, but it’s still nice to get an instant visual confirmation of which troops to target with Zuul first.

Bring back the trait icons!


Agreed. Certain trait icons are … well, iconic: once you memorize what the icon for (say) Stealthy or Impervious looks like, you learn to watch for it when building your team and when casting spells. (For example, I know not to cast Dracos 1337 on a Manticore, but it’s easy to forget when certain Troops have Impervious to shield them.)