Please (re)move the lantern

This might be a bug, but currently the Wild Plains Kingdom has a lantern on it. With the new change from being able to play Explore to only playing Underspire, the lantern should be removed and relocated to another kingdom. Currently, since I can’t play explore, it won’t give me a new lantern elsewhere without clearing this one.

(rant) and since I’m still trying to find that stupid dragon you won’t let me craft…


I think this is really a smaller problem than it would seem. Yes you get one lantern locked up, but it does not change the rate you get new lanterns, which is one lantern per old lantern cleared. (Except for starting players with only 1 lantern.) While you can’t clear this lantern, it’s little difference from rolling a lantern on a kingdom you don’t care to explore. You just go clear another lantern kingdom, and get one new lantern after that.

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They could give us an alternative way to play explore too.

Yeah, there is no good reason why they have to lock out explore at all. Especially because when I play on Switch with a controller, I can’t even select the Underspire button (which has replaced the Explore button) on the kingdom menu. Bugs is the one thing this game is most full of …