Please Put Potions in Scheduled Pet Events

This doesn’t affect me at all—I easily clear all 8 battles, and I don’t generally buy tiers in the Pet Rescue events unless l only need one more pet to ascend it to the next rarity—but it strikes me as strange that this “scheduled event” doesn’t have potions in its shop the way every other one does.

This is especially weird to me because I think a ton of low-level players would really like a way to earn the pets, and this would be something they’d happily throw gems at in order to succeed beyond their troops’ means.

Just a thought.

It also doesn’t have a (sigil) shop like the other events do. You get unlimited tries to clear the eight battles, and the shop is just extra copies of the things you would have gotten from clearing the battles.

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I was really trying to figure out why this difference even existed in the first place, and you found it for me XD

TO DEVS: Please DO NOT implement this idea by making Wednesday another sigil event. That would entirely defeat the purpose of trying to help lower-level players, and might actually be annoying to people like me who currently have no negative consequences for losing a fight when level 80 goblins decide to “go crazy” :crazy_face:

Any player can access the shop regardless of if they beat any battles or none. So if they want a pet copy bad enough all they have to do is buy up to Tier 3 at the most already.

Right, but that’s 175 gems for only 1 guaranteed pet. Then costs go up a lot for people who want more.

What l’m suggesting is that, on top of what already exists, we make the initial expenditures of small-potatoes gems (like the 30 that normally provides the “Enchant” potion as an incredibly generous bargain) worth more by giving some players the means to get that initial pet a little more easily than dropping 175 gems.

Having enchant might be enough of an edge. It might not. But 30 gems, in the event that it is enough, would be a lot cheaper than 175. Which I suppose is a reason for the devs not to do it, because it might make people spend less.

But what if the people who were going to buy the pet at 175 still did, but now could also win a pet that was outside their reach? It might help new players feel less behind than they otherwise could, because it could help them “catch up” (an evermore Herculean task, admittedly, since old weapons are beyond their reach, just to name one glaring problem) in a way that doesn’t hurt endgamers (like with the PVP nonsense that’s happening right now).

I think it would help with player retention, by keeping players who quit when they realize how far behind they are after they play for only a week or a month.

Then we’d just need ways to retain endgamers (maybe stop punishing progress? A good start, I think) and we’d be golden with a healthy playerbase.

More easyness and less challenge?
Lower players complained they couldn’t complete it, but that only entice them to progress more in the game (as did i).

Yeah but then they lose rewards after they progress. The best thing to do is reach a level that makes you happy then stop playing.