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Please make the forced losses less obvious

I know it shouldn’t matter if I lose a few matches but the only thing that really upsets me about this game is how obvious the forced losses are. Once you hit a win streak of anywhere from 15-50 matches, at some point you get the super AI where it will create ridiculous opportunities for the AI.

The few matches after the super AI defeats me, the AI won’t even match skulls or will skip extra turns just to help me win.

One of the main reasons this frustrates me is that I feel this interrupts the fairness of guild wars. In fact, if I get one of the matches mentioned above and then I go play my guild war matches, they seem much easier.

I really wish that win rate didn’t affect the difficulty in matches. If I am willing to spend plenty of time on each match and change teams based on opponents, I should have the opportunity to have a large win streak without the AI forcing me to lose.

Edit: At a minimum I would like guild wars to be unaffected by PVP win rate. Although I have no proof of this, I’ve experienced it long enough that I’m convinced it affects difficultly.


When you have a 95% win rate even after accounting for random unlucky streaks, it makes the 5% that you lose really stand out in your mind.

There’s no conspiracy. There’s no secret. You’re just focusing on the outliers and forgetting the overwhelming majority.


Slow your roll a little while and start counting the number of matches in between when the CPU gets something fantastic and when you get something fantastic. I think you’ll be surprised.

I lost for the first time in GW this week to a Mab team managing to cascade 6 skull matches in a row. That’s low probability, sure. But I also won a match yesterday where a TGM team got me down to just Bloodhammer, then he managed to solo the entire team. It balances. But “balance” is just a silly human concept. Randomness can streak. I’ve had entire days where the game conspired against me. I’ve also had days where I got 12 arcanes in less than an hour.

In short: this game is gambling, and gamblers are subject to losing streaks as often as winning streaks. The ones who lose everything are the ones that think a losing streak means a win is guaranteed.


Time for this visual aid again?

(I feel like I get egregious chains of death and fill things from nowhere probably as much as the AI does… but when I get it, I don’t notice much as I was going to win anyway)



Sure there is always a psychological bias, but don’t forget the luck parametre. See point 3 in the quote.

Hmm interesting

What about for Raid and Invasion??? @Saltypatra

PVP AI luck doesn’t change much to the outcome ,but in the other mode where stats are so far from player to opponent.