Please make the console dungeon cursor more visible

The console cursor (as opposed to a mouse cursor on PC) in dungeon mode is ridiculously hard to see. It took quite a long time to discover what to even look for. For those who don’t play on console, there’s one topic here that has a few screenshots: IBstockMafia appears to be the only one in the thread on console. In the specific post linked, the cursor is on the upper-left hand square in each of the 3 images. Would you have spotted that on your own if anyone hadn’t pointed it out?

We need the cursor to stand out a lot more. Maybe add some brightness, change the border’s color… something more than those tiny marks in each corner.


Ur absolutely right. It is ridiculously small. Either change the cursor or make it so the room u are on is highlighted in some way

couldn’t hurt

I’ve just grabbed the screenshots and stuck this in the bug reports because it’s so bad I don’t think it can be a feature request. It desperately needs a hotfix. Really wish we were able to test on console, sorry its so bad guys


The almost-imperceptible dungeon room highlight (a very slight border thickness change + some small decorations at the corners) is reproducible in Steam also if you use a controller.

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also: Honest Rob grumbled about this in one of his videos yesterday: Gems of War Dungeon Perfect Run AND Hall of Guardians teams! Fast best guide? - YouTube ; you can see in his video starting at approx 4:12 how it looks in motion.

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Perhaps when the next round of beta opens, a question asking if you play with a controller on steam be added to the application. Sure would be useful to have people testing that are used to using controller and what to look out for


I didn’t notice. That’s ridiculous for sure.

Why not color in the corners when selected?

Anything clear instead of such a tiny marker.

Hey all,

Gman shared this with the team earlier in the week and it is being looked into!


It really is ridiculous that no one on the team figured out that such a tiny indicator would be bad.


I agree, the curser on the Xbox console for dungeon is hard to see, maybe give it a pop of color different from the room outline. Maybe a bright red, green, purple so we can tell what room we are on easier

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Any updates on this? They certainly fixed the dungeon shuffler quickly enough. Did anyone calculate what the probability was of a perfect run with the preferred method before the fix?

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Hey all!

The cursor will be getting a revamp with 6.6 :sparkles: