Please make every gnome weekend the same rate as this past one

The rate was great so let’s not wait or debate that they should slate the next date with another inflated gnome flood gate!


I can’t say no to that. Let them drop. Often.

For me, it’s really just the Pet Gnome rate that needs to stay high.

I’d actually prefer if the Vault Weekend rate wasn’t inflated so much, since it disproportionately favours players who can spend a lot of time playing in that period, which then needs to be accounted for by the Devs in the game economy.

I don’t always have the time to grind, e.g. this last weekend, but still want to be able to stay somewhat relevant through regular play throughout the week.

I guess my preferred solution then, since people seem to like the buffed spawn rates, would be to remove Vault Weekends and just:

  • Increase the chance of Gnomes generally
  • Remove the 100 Souls, 2 Traitstones, 1000-2500 Gold rewards from Treasure Gnomes
  • Buff Jewel Gnome rewards (20 Jewels is pitiful, I compare this to the initial Jewel rewards for Epic Tasks which were acknowledged to be a bit too low:
  • Make Pet Gnomes available everywhere, especially since PvP is yet to be reworked.

IDK About that. If you kill 6 of them, and they all happen to be the same color, you’d almost have enough jewels to craft 1 pet food.



This rate sucks. I have killed well over 50 and haven’t gotten a single key. Wildly disappointing.