Petition/Vote to permanently change the gnome rate to the prior vault event rate

This vault event has been absolute trash, to put it mildly. The rate of gnomes is way worse than it’s ever been, and the rewards are pathetic. I don’t expect vault keys everytime, but come on… 100 souls, minor traitstones, 2500 gold. Maybe it’s just me having horrible luck, but I highly doubt it. Every player I talked to was satisfied and happy with the special vault event for the 5.0 update. The rewards were decent and the gnome rate was exactly where it should be for everyone’s favorite event. I vote to change it back to that. This current vault event just infuriates me, and that shouldn’t happen.


My thoughts remain largely the same as from this thread:

Alternatively, instead of Vault Weekends, I’d be okay with:

  1. More regular mini-events that provide either a single, guaranteed Vault Key (… Vault Gnome? :stuck_out_tongue: like a Pet Gnome, but a Vault Key after 6 battles) or increased chance for one.

    • Vault Keys already have randomised, non-guaranteed rewards, beyond the random chance to receive one, so I don’t think this is too unreasonable and would compare this to a Chaos Orb, or indeed Vault Key reward in Guild Events.
  2. Pet Gnome Heralds/Scions/‘Lures’, with a Lure being different to a ‘Bait’, which gives a guaranteed Pet Gnome.

    • “Pet Gnome Heralds/Scions can now be randomly found in PvP and Vault battles! Defeating one will allow Pet Gnomes to appear in any non-Sigil-based game mode (incl. Explore) for the next hour!!”

    • “A Pet Gnome Lure is a droppable item obtained whenever you defeat a Pet Gnome while a Pet Rescue is already active. When triggered, it increases the chance of Pet Gnomes appearing by 200% (so 3x chance, total) for one hour.”

      • Alternatively, “Pet Gnome Lures can be obtained randomly from ______ battles/as rewards from Individual Live/Sigil-based Events (Class, Faction, Bounty). Using one will attract nearby Pet Gnomes, prompting them to appear in all non-Sigil-based battle for one hour (instead of just PvP).”

Having crazy Vault Weekends like that means I have to compete with (incredibly active) people who come out the other side with 100+ Vault Keys in addition to what they’d normally receive, while I decided to do my laundry and some gardening :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, catch up on some work or cooking, or similar :man_shrugging:.

I think this is one thing that I can agree on, and that I think a lot of other players can, too.

Bonus side-thought: I think it could be reasoned that outside of testing teams for GW, players like having meaningful (i.e. non-100 Souls/20 Jewels/small reward Battlecrashers/) Gnomes crash their battles regularly, and it might be worth shifting the game more permanently in that direction, with whatever the consequences might be, in the same way that the core gameplay has shifted towards more explosions and faster play, with the kind of power creep that the design team feels is more fun.

There was a stream a year or two ago when Sirrian commented on power creep in general, saying that he felt the game was just about reaching the level of fun that he wanted, but that there was probably still a bit of room to explore – since gaining more ‘powers’ is a fun thing, but also something to be careful around.

So in that sense, ‘fun’ power creep could be an argument to shift the general Gnome appearance rate upwards, and potentially the Vault Weekend rate too, in line with that, as a minor redistribution of how rewards are obtained in-game :man_shrugging:.

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If they do.
They’ll cut the rewards in half.


For the guilds they like. They’ll reduce the rewards for yours by 1/8. :joy:

They can’t do that for Gnomes since they are individual drops.
It would have to be everyone in the game or no one. :man_shrugging:


It’s a challenge to adjust your expectations/perceptions back to the norm after you’ve had it so good.
Although it feels like it, I don’t think this weekend is any worse than what we normally would get.
I am grateful that the devs did a weekend with a higher Gnome drop rate and hope that they look at the praise rather than the complaints when deciding to possibly do it again:wink:


I realize the previous event was twice the normal amount of gnomes. It was great, I had to work that weekend but the small amount of time I had, it was nice. That being said, all other vault events aren’t bad. Your able to get a gnome on average every 10 to 15 or so battles. That is ok, I can accept that. However this vault event, I’m going 30 to 40 battles before I see one. That’s unnaceptable. This vault event is junk plain and simple. Again I’m not asking for vault keys each time either but if you put the time into playing this game, you should be rewarded, especially on gnome weekends.


I’d be on board with all the thoughts and ideas, however it’s only wishful thinking. They don’t listen to anything we say, our ideas are immediately dismissed and that’s the way it is. Sadly… honestly though, with this vault event is be ok with the rate being what it is normally, Maybe increased a bit. This vault event has been lowered. They’ll say it’s the same rate as it’s always been, but that’s false. Heck I see more gnomes when there isn’t a vault event going on than I do with this crap event.


I thought it was just me! Appearance rate this weekend seems to me to be the same as “normal” weekends. :unamused:

EDIT: On the other hand, the Pet Gnome is definitely appearing more often in PvP this weekend. So that is nice.

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I think that it was really easy to get used to the accelerated drop rate last time and that is making gnomes seem more infrequent this time. I’ve done 3 complete kingdom circuits, got at least one gnome in every kingdom and pulled 7 vault keys. Seems pretty normal to me.


The drop rate is lower than normal, I don’t care what anyone says. But congrats on the vault keys. I’ll be honest, I have come across around 5 of them now. They’re sprinkled in amongst the bounty of minor traitstones, 100 souls, 2500 gold and everyone’s favorite, 20 ultra rare ingots! I’m just sick and tired of looking forward to something on this game and then realizing I’ve been fooled. If you don’t feel that way, then good for you… really, super happy for ya.

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You’re complaining because you’ve ONLY found 5 vault keys halfway into the weekend and you’re convinced the drop rates are lower some how than ever before?!

If that’s the bar you’ve set your expectations at its no wonder that you can’t look forward to anything without being disappointed! :man_facepalming:


I must play far more than you. Yes 5 vault keys for me isnt that great. However as i stated before, the vault keys arent the issue. My issue is the scarcity of the gnomes on this gnome weekend and the piss poor rewards they leave behind. And since i must be in the minority on this issue, I’ll just leave It there and accept defeat. Good luck to everyone. Keep enjoying this amazing vault event!

Frequency of gnome appearance seems similar to normal to me this Vault weekend.

Results may vary.

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May I ask, on average how many battles are you doing before a gnome pops up?

At a minimum of one per kingdom, around 20.

One every 10 battles on average, as expected.

I’ve gone 40-50 battles before finding one, however on average I’d say I’m around 20-25 battles. A normal average would be around 15 or so. However I don’t count each gnome or battle. It’s just lower this time for me. High five for everyone that are finding them at your standard rates.

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Are you doing explore battles, or something else? 1 gnome per 10 battles would be great.

Casual PvP for Pet Gnomes. Low level Explore when pet rescue is still running.

Same level of occurrence in both. Not actively taking stats but variance seems ‘normal’ to me.