Please let me choose watch the battle animation or not, PLEASE

First, I really want to say thank you DEV for making 1.0.8 update, I do really love it.
Especaily traits.

But the biggest problem is, game speed is not fast as I expected…
The “Slow Speed” buttom in settings, will make the game much slower than 1.0.6 versions and before…

If my team and enemy team has full traits. So, that means I must watch all traits animations from my team and enemy team… It’s about 10 seconds or maybe more…
OMG, every battle I need to watch those traits animation for 10 seconds, but after that, the fight only cost me 2 minutes.
That mean I need at least 3 minutes per fight after 1.0.8… But you should know that, in 1.0.8, troops are in high stats, the fight time increases… But before 1.0.8, I can finish one fight almost every time in less than 2 minutes.
That’s really annoying…

So, how about at a true “Fast speed” settings? For those who don’t want to watch any animations on battle, including spell cast, traits animations and so on.

And I have one more question, VIP points on many accounts are not correct, my friends and I have the same problem now. May I ask when will it be fixed?


I agree with being able to ditch animations! After thousands of matches, they aren’t really anything we havent seen before!


I really sometimes feel that the real battle is quicker than waiting for all animations (in battle, loading screens and reward animations).
It would be nice to have an option to turn at least battle animation off.
I ma not interested to wait few seconds befor all buffing animation finally end so I can start the battle. The only positive thing is that I can check the board and plan my first moves.


I just measured few battles and it takes 10 seconds in average to wait for end of initial animations.


Bumping again. It takes like almost 30 seconds to go from hitting the battle button to being able to play.


I just finished detailed measurement of 32 battles (challange). It took me 33 minutes and 18 seconds where the real battle time was 18 minutes and 48 seconds. This is over 14 minutes of wasted time. This measurement didn’t count with the battle animations. Only those at the begining of the battle and loading screen + rewards + choosing of the chalange battle.


Well, Andy Dufrain kept writing 2 letters a week for a few years and finally got his books – maybe we get such a heavyweight option by 2023 too. Or not.