PLEASE give us something to use worthless resources on

For players who are near end game there are so many resources that are just plain worthless. I will skip 90 percent of them and focus on orbs of power. These are worthless…I’d rather have 1 gem than 100 orbs of power. The worst part is you continue to give these out as end game gifts and campaign passes. You are literally discouraging end game players from buying the 25 dollar pass over the 10. There is NO reason. If the final reward on the 24.99 campaign pass was a large pool of gems or heck even 500 Dragonite I’d be more willing to buy…though the Dragonite will end up worthless soon.

You have Dragonite and it is painfully obvious it will be worthless in a year for most…and yet you will eventually try to sell it for money and be confused why the turn rate is so low…

Please please please for the love of God give us a crafting use for orbs of power and any other worthless item late game. I mean would it be so horrible to let me turn 1 orb of power into 1000 gems?


:woman_facepalming: Well the gems aren’t worthless as long as you have chat to buy chat pfps and titles,emojis. Plus we could come up with new ideas for dragonite. Thats what the #feature-requests is for. For us to come up with new ideas that can be implemented into the game itself.

We have been asking for a use for orbs of power for a long time…nothing …silence …

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Add this too

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The problem is that when the devs finally take a resource that is useless for end game players and actually give you something to use it on or convert it to they add whatever new limited resource they introduced to the game as a requirement, which makes the whole thing pointless for 6 months to a year or longer until that new resource becomes useless as well.

Like crafting the Orb of Clans or Major Orb of Clans, great I finally have a use for all those thousands of gold keys I have that I never use or maybe I’ll occasionally use the glory keys I stock pile and only use when a new mythic drops, oh wait it also requires cursed runes that only drop from a random gnome enemy that I see just as much as the Mythic Horde Mimic, which is never.

I know some people have great RNG it seems and are already sitting on thousands of cursed runes with nothing to use them on, but I see 1 of those gnomes about once a month, if that.

Or crafting the Greater Treasure, why does this cost 3 Major orbs of Growth? That is a ridiculous resource to use for this. It should cost souls and X amount of the previous rarity treasure troop card just like everything else that has multiple rarity levels, like crafting ingots, trait stones, and medals (though they added in cursed runes again on these).

Crafting Orbs of Chaos, great I can finally use up all those excess chaos shards I have and maybe get an orb of Ascension since those seem to super rare (at least for me), but yet again it requires cursed runes.

Crafting a Vault Key, awesome, I finally have a use for tens of thousands of useless treasure maps I have, but dammit, once again it requires cursed runes.

The problem Gems of War has is that it has to many resources now as the devs keep introducing new ones as a quick cash grab by making it very limited and then charging through nose for it in gems so that you’ll buy it because you can’t get it from the 1 thing that gives it to you for free. So we have this constant cycle of a new extremely limited resource, that becomes obsolete for about 50% of the player base within a few months, so they release a new limited resource, and so on and so on. And when we get to the 3rd or 4th resource in cycle, that 1st resource is now obsolete for the other 50% because they are the ones who decided to not spend any gems on it to get the new content and instead waited for it start popping up through other methods like the Adventure Board (looking at you War Coins).

So I don’t ever expect the devs to revisit an old resource to make it useful again without tying it to whatever their new limited resource of the month is.

And at this point, I would rather they just add in option to where I can sell all my excess resources for gold, even if its a minuscule amount as at least I can put that into guild tasks. Kinda like when you destroy your excess troop cards for souls, which even that became pointless to do for most of the player base. Or as you mentioned earlier break them down into shards or even jewels so that they can be used for other things. Or even allow me to donate them to other guild members or lower level players who would actually need them.


the gold idea is the best I have heard yet, and it will not break their economy. It is such a good idea I hope someone actually reads this and does something with it. Turing an orb of power into say 1 million gold might seem like a HORRIBLE exchange rate, but I would do it in a second.

I’d pay another 8 power orbs for Enraged Kurandara to be upgraded to an actual boss quality troop, on par with Zuul in usefulness.

I for one still need the orbs of power, but I do get your point.
Perhaps they could make the end reward on the pass a choice between an orb of power, gems and something else to make it worth it for all players.

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