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Please fix the Bless tooltip (or better yet, fix the skill)

In the tooltip for “bless,” it claims to apply cleanse and make the troop invulnerable. Unfortunately it interacts with curse in a way that is not consistent with clense. I did the following tests:

  1. Bless a troop, then cast EoE: bless is removed and the troop ends up cursed as a result of the weapon’s upgrade but no other effects are applied. This is the least offensive case based on the expected outcome.

  2. Cast EoE on a troop, then bless them (I used moon rabbit to test). Result, curse is removed, all other effects remain. Bless/invulnerable are not present.

  3. Cast EoE on a troop, then Cleanse them (I used divinia to test). Result, ALL NEGATIVE EFFECTS are removed, including curse.

Based on the tooltip for bless, I would expect it to have the effect of (3) PLUS a persistent invulnerable effect, but in fact it is even less; neither cleanse nor invulnerable is applied.

It’s possible to remove a curse through cleanse? Wasn’t aware of that. Sounds like a mistake to me.
[Edit: Just reread the announcement, that introduced both effects; I’ll take it back, no mistake there]

From what I see, curse and bless cancel each other out, so applying one to a troop that has the other makes both void. I won’t complain about it, completely overwriting an effect would make both too powerful.

My issue is that the tooltip for bless says that it applies cleanse, when it does not. That’s especially confusing for new players, and even some veterans.

It does cleanse, but only if something isn’t Cursed. In that case, it negates the curse only.

To easily test, fight your own defense set to a freeze team, like Orb of Winter. Then, fight said team with Moon Rabbit—turn 1 bless will unfreeze your top slot.

Edit: so the tooltip should be more detailed, but it can only be so long to fit the textbox’s space, so :man_shrugging:

There’s tons of stuff in this game where the text is misleading, insufficient, or (sometimes) outright wrong