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Please fix City of Thieves farming - Home Delve

So, as almost everyone knows, City of Thieves is THE faction to farm. However, farming a faction also means one thing and that is giving up on that same faction. Giving up means to intentionally leave the faction level at 20 and not level it, EVER.
Giving up and irreversibility of not doing so comes with several negatives:

  • You will not receive the bonus faction renown from the delve or the pet
  • You will literally skip every City of Thieves faction assault and do nothing
  • If a new player plays City of Thieves faction assault, they will have ruined their farming for a literal eternity (for now)

If you level City of Thieves to 500 there are several downsides to farming:

  • Lowest level you can play is 50 and clearing level 50 is significantly slower than clearing level 20 and one shooting everything
  • Since level 50 will be on the left side it means that your starting multiplier is 0.5x instead of 1x when leaving it at 20. So it is both slower and less rewarding

This issue can be solved in several ways. The most popular opinion is to simply always have the lowest playable level of the delve at 20. This would remove one of the two negatives of leveling City of Thieves as the multiplier would still remain at 0.5x.
The other feasible option is the concept of Home Delve. Similar to Home Kingdom you would chose a single delve to be your Home Delve (or whatever you want to name it). Setting a delve as your Home Delve would make it always have a option of playing level 20 delve at 1x multiplier (or more hehe). This would remove all the negatives of leveling the farming delve.

I am writing this in light of City of Thieves being scheduled to be on faction assault in ~1 - 1.5 months. It would be super awesome if something was done about this by the time of faction assault.


Just remove the multiplier, problem solved. The difference between 50 and 20 is negligible imo. The recommendation to farm at 20 is from before 50 was a thing. Personally, I farm it at 500. It is slower but still isn’t terrible.

It’d also be good for farming if we could pick any level we already cleared; so, pick 20, or 50, or 70, or 200, whatever. Apply this to faction assault too so we don’t have to start over unless we choose to.


As a workaround in the meantime, you can participate in the faction assault — just forfeit the delves before besting the boss at level 30!

It unlocks about half the rewards with free sigils doing it that way, if memory serves :+1:

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It’s no slower at 50. Still 1-shotable with tesla or rowanne if your hoard is 200.

The difference in rewards between starting multiplier of x1 and x.5 is negligible. Yes it’s something but imo not enough to warrant losing out on the things you mentioned above. The difference is probably less than the rewards from the Tuesday faction assault you will have to skip.


No point in having a L20 farming delve. Your shard bonus excepted. It’s not a desperate thing to get half the rewards imo.

I farm L50 CoT with Phylactery (Tidecaller), Venoxia, Ph-Ra x 2 - 1 shot from Venoxia after Phyl cast - 5-600+ souls x 9 plus sometimes bonus in final chest - circa 20k daily. 30 seconds a room (odd time you stall a bit, but no shakes). Hoard 166.

Generally, 200 shards, 20k souls and a few bits n bobs every day.

If I didn’t want souls I’d just use Hero with green storm, Venoxia, Leprechaun, Leprechaun etc.


There used to be no farm delve for folks that completed it. Now you can do 50 which I one shot with ease. The level 20 thing I think is more for low level accounts. Once you are 1200 or higher you can do them all unless you really want to keep one at 20 and wait 6 months to decide again


You don’t lose half the rewards, you only lose .5 from your total multiplier. For example, finishing the delve with a multiplier of say 3.3 you will instead finish with a multiplier of 2.8.


Yeah, thanks for reminding. :slight_smile:

Given the way rounding works, even the .5 loss could be significant for early/mid-game players. You’ll want to end above 3.5 for each delve to get the x4 multiplier for the rewards. This isn’t an issue generally for City of Thieves, but CoT is one of the few delves where getting x5 rewards is occasionally possible if you get the full 1x start bonus for level 20.

I’d be curious what the likelihood of getting the x5 is possible, that way we’d know exactly what players are giving up by grinding level 50 vs level 20.

The way I solved this when I finalyl started leveling it is to up Hoard to 166. This gives Rowanne around 200 armor which is what’s needed to oneshot everything as if it was on level 20. I will need the Hoard boost anyway cause it’s a PoS delve even if I do it with potions so I thought why not. Future investment and it only costs some gold. Easy enough to farm.

That’s just me tho. I do agree the whole concept is flawed but then again, it is what it is.

My plan was always to keep farming it and leave that one for last.