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Please fix all the troop casts that don't take effect if the target dies

Too many troops to list. I’m sure there’s an individual ancient bug report for each one that’s been buried over time. The recent effort to fix the “one cast bug” has inspired an “ubridled enthusiasm” in me that this issue may also be resolved.

Many troops, such as Orc Veteran here, secondary cast effect doesn’t take effect if the troop dies. I assume this is due to the way it’s coded. (As cited in a bug report for Webspinner) the way the text reads we can only assume is also the way it’s coded. However the troops attack is not actually lowered during the course of the cast. But the AI sees it as 0 since it’s no longer on the board. Since it’s most likely dealing damage, then checking it’s attack due to the “.If”

The mechanic should be checking for the secondary effect (in this case the attack) before dealing damage.
Despite how the text reads.

And should work the same way for all troops of that nature.