Please drop the explore boss level pop-ups

I mentioned that somewhere else before…

The “boss” pop ups are just an annoyance. We can clearly see what type of fight we can do next, and it’s nothing but an annoyance.

It’s not even that it slows us down much, it’s just really unnecessary, especially since it blocks the merchant from popping up.

You want us to spend more gems, right? Give us more chances to encounter a merchant. :wink:


I hate all the slow downs when I do explores. The boss pop ups and especially having to click to create medals. I’ve seen this a million times, please just let me skip it ffs.


That’s also annoying but at least gives us some useful information.

I wouldn’t mind skipping all the needless animations (medal upgrading, troop upgrading etc) but the boss fight pop ups are just unnecessary.

Could be a one time Luther tool tip for new players if anything. It’s definitely not needed every single time.


@sylverscale Would be nice to have an option in the settings to turn off offers in Explores as well. While the Merchant and Angel is nice now and then, it still would be nice to have an option to have all the offers off whenever we feel like.

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Come to think of it, there is no prompt that “you defeated the Mythic Boss! Now you can open the Boss Chest…” so why does everything else have a prompt?

The Mythic Boss prompt isn’t too bad (depending on what level Explore run you do), but the mini-boss prompt can definitely be removed.


Don’t give them ideas :sweat_smile:

The game has a lot of unneeded/annoying pop-up confirmations that really need to go or at least have an option in the settings to turn off.

I don’t need to see the Mini Boss Battle and Mythic Boss Battle pop-up every single time congratulating me for unlocking the battle. As mentioned before, this is should just be a Luther tutorial tip and then never seen again.

Its the same with the “daily deal”. Currently its the “Summer Deals” and even after it pops up once shortly after you start the game, even once you immediately close it, it will periodically pop back up again. I didn’t spend any money on it the first time, why do you keep popping up?

Same with the Campaign Task completion. The “you’ve unlocked stars” animation that has a skip option below it, but yet that option can’t be selected to actually skip infuriates me. I have to watch the stupid card pop up showing me I unlocked X amount stars every single time is dumb.

At least the medal pop-up animation for when its combining medals can be skipped by repeatedly hitting B (on XBox), cause after the first few times you see it, its just another annoying pop-up.

I would also like to get rid of or at least hide completely the menus on the left hand side of the screen. The Adventure Board is already in the games menu, does it need a separate option to access it from the map by hitting RB (on Xbox)? Same with the Campaign (hitting LB on XBox), get it off the map and put it in the games menu with the rest of the events and game modes. Get the Shrines menu off the map as well and put it in the Shop menu. Its annoying to always see the green exclamation point on it that will never go away. I am never going to spend $10 on either of these shrines, that is a waste of money.

Also wish I could disable the Daemon and Genie deals from popping up. They never have anything worth excepting and just slow down explore runs. The only way they’d ever have a deal worth excepting is if they gave more mythstones for the run, increased the gnome spawn chance, or increased my chance at getting a mimic and/or horde mimic chest at the end of the run. Cause in the past year+ of grinding out explore i’ve only had the horde mimic battle 12 times and still haven’t gotten the useless mythic mimic troop as a reward and its currently blocking my progress on upgrading the Dragon Claw kingdom.


Could we at least get some acknowledgement of this thread having been seen?

@Bramble @Jeto @Kafka

Tagging you guys because so far there’s nothing, and I’ve been told I should make this thread if I wanted that request to be heard. :wink: