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Please do not spam recruitment threads

I am the GM for the Carnivores.

A number of recruitment threads have been spammed by someone calling himself @alanvictor89

Not a member in the forum for long yet claims to be recruiting for In Virtue.

Is he really the GM for In Virtue?


He just showed up in another one.
Seems to keep showing up in various threads.

Callout threads are not allowed. If you have an issue with a specific user, you should PM the moderators directly.

hey guy

i am members in virtue, i play game 2 years guild in virtue need new members

sorry to bother you

You need to create a recruitment post for your guild.
Not jump in on other threads


This is not what I consider a call-out thread.

I am asking for confirmation that this person is who he claims and is in fact recruiting for in Virtue at #15 or #16 in the league. I was doubting this claim because he has no wordings after his name.

Appreciate the heads-up. Would you please tell me how to PM one of the moderators so I may take direct action if this happens again.

Sure, you can either click on a name like @Sirrian or @Nimhain (the most active devs on the board) or you can follow their bios at:

and use the “Message” links on those pages. However, I suggest you try to work it out with the individual involved first, as it might just be a misunderstanding or cultural difference.


Thanks for that info @Lyya.

I see the guy has responded so will PM him and settle the matter amicably.

Unfortunately for me I have extra work to do now recreating my recruitment thread to remove the ‘contamination’.

I confirm he is a minister of In virtue ! (not the GM)
Alanvictor is the official recruiter of In Virtue.

Zann0t In virtue minister

Thanks @zann0t for the confirmation.

I have sent a PM to @alanvictor89 now that I have confirmation.

I have made, and still make, mistakes so it wouldn’t be fair to hurl a lot of rocks at the guy.

Thanks also to @Lyya . We now have a useful thread for those who have this problem in future.

The matter is now closed.

Thanks all.


Speaking of recruitment threads and spam, is there a way to show all categories EXCEPT that one? I’m in a guild and don’t want to see the nearly HALF of all posts on the main page that are for recruiting?


Yup! Go to your user preferences and add the category you want to hide to “Muted topics.”


In the case of guild recruitment, it’s a little convoluted because each platform has it’s own child topic underneath the main guild chat topic. However, once I figured that out, it was easy to do.


I didn’t consider it a call out thread either.
It was a question

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